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Side Effects of Using Cannabis

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What are the side effects of using cannabis?

At Strains Dispensary Perris, our knowledgeable budtenders know that getting the most out of a therapeutic cannabis intervention occurs when the rewards are maximized and side effects minimized. Knowing the side effects of specific forms of cannabis allow our customers to balance the risks and rewards to improve their condition. Although we would love to argue that cannabis is a plant free of risks that only improves lives, the truth is that several proven risks are worth discussing no matter the depth of your cannabis love. Cannabis poses an increased risk of side effects for those with mental health conditions, lung & cardiovascular disease, compromised immune system, and during pregnancy/breastfeeding.

Mental Health Conditions

Those with mental health diagnoses, such as depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, or bipolar disorder are at greater risk for worsening mental health when consuming cannabis. Cannabis can potentially make manic symptoms worse or those with anxiety can have panic attacks. One of the known side effects of using cannabis is the worsening of current mental health symptoms.  

Smoking in General

Smoking anything comes with increased carcinogens and smoking combusted plant material increases the risk of smoking-related side effects no matter how crystallized the flowers. If you are prone to lung sensitivities, such as coughing or wheezing, or have a lung disease such as COPD, smoking can cause unpleasant lung and breathing side effects. 

Pregnancy & Breast Feeding

It is not safe to smoke during pregnancy and we don’t recommend breastfeeding due to how the chemicals can pass into breast milk.

Heart Disease

Studies have shown that smoking cannabis can increase heart rate and blood pressure with higher doses of THC. Smoking cannabis has also been correlated with the increased risk of a heart attack despite CBD being found to decreased heart rate and blood pressure when given in isolated acute doses. Given the risks and need for future research, we don’t recommend those diagnosed with a heart condition to consume cannabis unless under the supervision of a qualified doctor. 

Immune System

Some chemicals produced when smoking cannabis can weaken immune function. Since this can make it difficult to fight infections, it might not be a great idea to smoke cannabis with a compromised immune system and another cannabis product such as edibles or vape cartridges might be better.


A recent study of the patrons leaving Strains Dispensary Perris proves that access to cannabis products of the highest quality almost always induces smiling and giddiness.

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