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Stepping into the world of cannabis means learning a whole new vocabulary and one of the words that’s most confusing is “dispensary.” Strains Dispensary near Hemet is here to explain this word and help you know what to expect when you walk in one.

Weed Dispensary vs. Weed Store

In California, dispensary is the technical term for a weed store. The term dates from the time when the only legal marijuana use was medical. Dispensary means a place where people can get needed medicine or medical treatment, so the term was used for a place to get medical marijuana. The word has remained even as recreational weed use has become legal in California.

What to Expect

Though the term sounds medical, a weed dispensary isn’t far off from any other retail experience. One difference you will notice, though, is a uniformed security guard at the door – that’s a requirement under California law.

What to Bring

The most important thing to bring to a weed store is your non-expired government-issued ID – a military ID, state ID/driver’s license, or passport all work. Most stores are also cash only – Strains Dispensary has two ATMs on-site for your convenience.

Find a Dispensary Near Me

When you’re looking up a weed store near you, it’s worth it to spend some time on their website. First, you’ll want to note the hours – while California law allows dispensaries to sell products from 6 AM to 10 PM, many towns and cities have more restrictive rules. Next, see what interests you on the menu, what dispensary deals there are, and what questions you have for a budtender. Vapes and edibles are both popular choices for beginners.

A person holding tongs weighs marijuana flower on a scale

Visit Strains Dispensary Near Hemet, CA

Whether you’re new to weed, new to California, or just want a new weed shop, Strains Dispensary near Hemet is here to help. We offer specials, 4/20 deals, and a free reward program. Contact us with any questions.

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