What’s Better For Me: A Hybrid or a Single Strain?

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What’s Better For Me: A Hybrid or A Single Strain?

The good news is that all types of cannibus: a single strain indica, a single strain sativa, and hybrids that grow as a mix of both can all provide you benefits. It’s helpful to think of each type of weed variant as if it had a personality:

  • Sativa: your energetic, extroverted friend who gives you that fun little mood-booster right when you need it
  • Indica: your chill, relaxed friend who’s down for whatever and gives relieved, pain-free vibes at all times
  • Hybrid: your versatile friend who can play both roles, expertly reading the room at the drop of the hat to blend in like the gifted chemical chameleon that you know them to be

The trick to seeing which of the three is most helpful and satisfying for you is to analyze the social situation where you’ll be consuming THC. If you’re going to a party, opt for sativa–it’s a crowd-pleaser. If you’re hanging inside or need some me-time, opt for indica. If you want to easily shift between both the extroverted and introverted sides of the coin, a hybrid may be your best bet.

Remember, each of these types affects everyone differently. You could be someone who reacts to indica the same way that someone else reacts to sativa. This is why experimenting safely over time with Strains Dispensary products is the best cannibus consumption practice that we can recommend. Additionally, keep in mind that hybrids aren’t always a 50/50 split between indica and sativa. Some of our hybrids may be sativa-heavier or lean more toward an indica majority blended strain.

Explore New Hybrid Strains and Enjoy Hybrid THC Discounts in Perris 

Don’t be shy–our budtenders are here and passionate about guiding you to the products that leave you feeling exactly the way that you want. We’re super easy to reach in Perris, CA–and can’t wait for you to try our hybrid products! Contact us today with questions and enjoy our dispensary deals!

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What Are The Long-Term Effects of THC Gummies For Sleep?

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What Are The Long-Term Effects of THC Gummies For Sleep?

The answer depends largely on how you use THC gummies long-term. When used in moderation, adult consumers of cannabis often experience pleasant results from intermittent edibles at bedtime. These results included falling asleep faster and getting more sleep in general. Effects have been recorded as especially positive in the longer term among people who have chronic pain or health disorders, specific mental health issues, or diagnosed sleep disorders. 


We can’t wait for you to try our indica-infused berry blaze gummies, our bedtime-friendly blackberry dream sleep gummies, the super popular midnight cereal-flavored gummies, and our Huxleys passionfruit gummies for couples hitting the hay together!

Why Strains Dispensary Near Riverside Only Serves Adults 

Studies do show that habitual use of edibles in teens can cause them to get more or less sleep than is advised by healthcare professionals.

Other negative side effects in teenagers who reported regularly eating edibles at night included thrown-off sleep cycles, greater chances of developing insomnia, and impaired sleep quality.

This is one of the many reasons why only serving cannabis consumers who are 21 or older is a non-negotiable for Strains Dispensary. We take the health and wellness of the greater Perris area seriously and feel a deep sense of responsibility for providing safe THC products to customers who are old enough to consume them. If you’re interested in the legalities of California cannibus consumption, you can read more about marijuana laws in Perris.


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Experience Delicious THC Edible Gummies With Strains Dispensary Near Riverside

Our budtenders are thrilled to break down the benefits of bedtime gummies when you visit our easy-to-reach location at 820 W Rider St Perris, CA 92571. We’re here for all of our Riverside smokers and THC sweet-toothers who want to learn more about catching the calmest of cannabinoid Zs tonight, so feel free to contact us with any questions.

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Best Weed-Budgeting Tips

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Strains Dispensary’s Weed Budgeting Tips

We get it. Weed is the best, but the bills keep coming. While we love selling the best and brightest of bud products to Perris customers, we respect everyone’s budgetary boundaries. That’s why we’ve thrown together some of the most helpful tips for THC consumers.

Here’s the rundown:

  • Take advantage of our bud-filled budget-friendly dispensary deals!
  • Tell our budtenders about your favorite type of weed products, and we’ll recommend the most affordable options that check your boxes.
  • Try to save your weed or weed products for later, this includes collecting kief, holding onto stems, and carefully storing the last half of your daily joint!
  • Invest in one-hitters or other smoking devices that allow you to take a couple of puffs, and save the rest of the pack for later!
  • Practice discipline and exercise the self-control necessary to stay within your budget and portion your weed servings adequately.

The Next Best Thing

We have a wide selection of edibles, THC beverages, flower, wax, and more! We can recommend the most cost-effective products to take your dollar that much further. 

Lovin’ On Leftovers

There’s nothing wrong with saving the last half of a blunt, storing away a joint, or nibbling away at an edible over time. Remember, weed is best when savored–so don’t rush. When you begin to enjoy the plant’s effects, taper yourself off and save the rest for later!

One Hit Wonders

We have tons of smoking gear to choose from. Let our budtenders know if you’re looking for a one-hitter with flare, a balling-on-a-budget bong, or a beautiful bowl that will help you ration your weed servings. 

Budget-Friendly Boundaries 

Some people prefer to limit their intake to the weekends or practice nocturnal weed consumption. However you establish your limits with weed is up to you, but strive to create healthy, sustainable boundaries with the plant to make sure you’re not overconsuming at your wallet’s expense.

a pot leaf sits in a shopping cart above credit cards and dollar bills

Browse Weed Dispensary Deals With A Dispensary Near Me

Why buy cannabis from Strains Dispensary? Mainly because buying bud on a budget at our convenient location has never been so easy. Contact us today for more information!

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Does Weed Have Nicotine?

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Weed Doesn’t Have Nicotine But These Smoking Methods Do

Marijuana is completely free of nicotine and tobacco. However, when you sprinkle tobacco into your spliffs or blunts, the chemical equation changes–as you’re now adding nicotine to the mix via tobacco. Keep in mind that marijuana safety use is essential, and you should contact us to learn more about the health benefits and common concerns surrounding cannabis use.

The Connection Between Tobacco, Nicotine, and Cancer

Remember it’s not smoke that signals nicotine’s presence: it’s tobacco. All tobacco products contain nicotine whether or not they are smokeless. For example, all of the following products differ in form and method but contain nicotine:
  • Cigarettes
  • Cigars
  • Dip
  • Snuff
  • Snus
  • Chewing tobacco
  • Hookah tobacco
  • Most e-cigarette products
The interesting element here is that nicotine itself doesn’t cause cancer. The poisons within tobacco cause cancer. The nicotine in the tobacco simply makes smoking tobacco more addictive. Unfortunately, there is no safe smoking alternative that contains tobacco.

Marijuana is Your Nicotine and Tobacco-Free Option

So the good news is that marijuana is nicotine-free–there’s no direct chemical element that makes it addictive. Tobacco use, on the other hand, has been proven many times over to be addictive, and further, to influence your chances of developing a diverse array of cancers. Fortunately, no such link has been thoroughly observed between tobacco-related cancers and cannabis consumption. Additionally, if you’re worried about the potential of marijuana smoke to be carcinogenic, rest at ease knowing that Strains Dispensary has smoke-free THC products for you!
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Fun Marijuana Health Benefit Facts

Certain cannabis compounds have been shown to kill lung, breast, prostate, leukemia, and lymphoma cancer cells. Aside from having some of the deepest laughs and tasting the most delicious food of your Friday night, weed products like edibles can even help you fight cancer.

Stay Nicotine-Free With Strains Dispensary Near Hemet

Strains Dispensary has a budtender ready to answer all your marijuana health benefit questions when you contact us today! We’re stoked to see you select your favorite smoke-free, nicotine-free, and tobacco-free cannabis products at our convenient location!

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Does Weed Have Calories?


Do THC Products From Strains Dispensary Contain Calories?

Great question. The answer depends on your preferred method of weed consumption. Anything that you eat or drink contains calories. This includes any THC-infused foods or beverages that you purchase and enjoy. Conveniently, our ready-made edible THC products include a nutrition label that you can consult for exact information. Additionally, our knowledgeable budtenders are also here to break down health benefits, calorie counts, and nutritional information related to any product that you may be interested in!

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Smoking or vaping weed, on the contrary, doesn’t add enough calories to your diet to logically consider or count (1 or less according to some sources). At the same time, there’s evidence to suggest that smoking weed increases your metabolism–helping you to burn more calories when your body is at rest. 

Curiously enough, a sufficient portion of the scientific community is curious about the energetic value of the plant. Preliminary studies based on hemp structure pinpointing pure marijuana calories show that raw cannabis itself probably contains about two calories for every gram. That’s about 203 calories for every 100 grams of weed that you eat or drink. This doesn’t include the calories that other ingredients in THC edibles or drinks may contain. 

Understanding The Science Behind The Munchies

Some view weed’s natural ability to increase the hunger hormone ghrelin as a marijuana health benefit–especially in people who struggle with a low appetite for any number of reasons. This famous hunger-stimulating effect was coined long ago as what many THC veterans refer to as the munchies. 

The munchies are the culmination of the increased ghrelin and dopamine production that THC prompts, making you hungrier and then happier upon eating. This can lead to overeating which, if sustained over time, can cause weight gain. 

As always, Strains Dispensary advocates for marijuana safety and using the plant responsibly. It’s best to monitor your calorie intake to ensure you’re nourishing your body properly as often as possible, especially when you smoke or eat weed.


Learn More About Marijuana Calories With a Dispensary Near Me

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any THC nutritional concerns or questions. Our convenient location near Riverside is passionate about marijuana education. With regular product specials for the tastiest edible THC products and the most delicious alternatives, we strive to serve each of our surrounding communities!

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Liquid Vs. Solid Edibles

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Understanding The Benefits of Liquid vs. Solid Edibles With Strains Dispensary

Both cannabis drinks and solid edibles make great gifts, provide unique and scrumptious flavors, and can have you creating core memories with friends and family for years to come. Continue reading to learn some of the coolest benefits of liquid vs. solid edibles with Strains Dispensary in Perris!

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Benefits of Liquid Edibles and THC Beverages

  1. THC beverages have the added benefit of blending in. Whether you’re at a friend’s house party or you’re responsibly day drinking in public–you can raise a toast and enjoy cannabis subtly. 
  2. There’s more to love when it comes to THC beverages in comparison to gummies or baked goods–simply because it takes a bit longer to savor a 12oz can of THC goodness than it does to pop back a THC gummy. 
  3. You’re looking at a quicker effect with liquid edibles. This is so because you’re ingesting the drink’s properties via saliva, expediting noticeable effects by as much as half an hour. Eating edibles is a process–they must be fully digested before their effects take full force. 
  4. If you’re a newbie, you don’t have to worry about perfecting rolling, smoking, or bong-hitting techniques. You simply have to sip. 

Benefits of Solid Edibles 

  1. If you don’t enjoy the taste or the smell of THC products, solid edibles can be consumed quickly to avoid exposure to smoke, a strong smell, or that characteristic earthy flavor any longer than necessary. THC drinks typically require more of a commitment to their flavor.
  2. If you love a slow smokeless burn, solid edibles take quite some time to digest (up to two hours) and typically last a bit longer than drinks.
  3. While solid edibles are still newbie-friendly, they tend to be quite strong. Therefore, if you’re a THC veteran who’s into simplified and minimalist cannabis consumption: edibles are totally for you! 
thc drinks and cannibis beverages side by side

Choose Your Favorite THC Edibles & THC Beverages in Perris

In need of more guidance when it comes to THC edibles vs. THC drinks? Don’t wait to get in touch with our specialists today at our easy-to-reach Strains Dispensary in Perris, CA! Check for our regularly occurring THC product specials!

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How Long Does a Weed High Last?

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Learn How Long a Weed High Lasts With Strains Dispensary

It’s safe to say that the high you experience from smoking weed typically lasts in the vicinity of 1-4 hours. That being said–a cautious and curious approach to consuming THC products is probably the best way to enjoy it. Through curiosity and caution, you’ll find that cannabis isn’t a plant that produces a uniform response in all people. Weed is highly personal, interacting with different body chemistries in different ways. Keep reading to learn more about how and why weed highs can vary drastically from individual to individual.

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Main Factors in Predicting The Length and Intensity of a Weed High

When you’re trying to gauge how long your high might last, keep in mind the following parameters that can dictate how you respond to any given THC product:
  • The variant of weed that you’re smoking (sative, indica, or hybrid–some affect you more or less so)
  • Your biochemistry (metabolic rate, general THC tolerance, weight, etc..)
  • The medium of THC you’re consuming (flower, hash, dab, vape, cannabis drinks, edibles, etc..)
  • Whether you’re mixing substances (alcohol, prescription medication, hallucinogens, etc.*)
As a general rule of thumb, THC edibles normally take longer to kick in and have a more potent high than smoking. Dabs also tend to have a more powerful effect. Additionally, people with lower body weights and less tolerance tend to feel more of a high and for longer. Still, it’s important to remember that some of these general rules won’t apply to everyone. It’s just as normal for these generalizations to be true for you and later to see the opposite manifest in someone else. The takeaway? Experiment safely and at your own pace with us. Learn how your body reacts to certain strains and mediums, noting the patterns and reactions that you might have.
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Explore THC Products Near Hemet For Top Quality Weed

Our easy-to-reach dispensary near Hemet has a wide variety of products that cater to your unique biochemistry and personality! We also offer regular weed specials for an array of products. Contact us to experiment, relax, and have fun with THC!

*Strains never recommends mixing substances while consuming our products at any time. Speak with your healthcare professional before conysming our products, especially if you take other medications or use other substances.

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