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What’s Better For Me: A Hybrid or a Single Strain?

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What’s Better For Me: A Hybrid or A Single Strain?

The good news is that all types of cannibus: a single strain indica, a single strain sativa, and hybrids that grow as a mix of both can all provide you benefits. It’s helpful to think of each type of weed variant as if it had a personality:

  • Sativa: your energetic, extroverted friend who gives you that fun little mood-booster right when you need it
  • Indica: your chill, relaxed friend who’s down for whatever and gives relieved, pain-free vibes at all times
  • Hybrid: your versatile friend who can play both roles, expertly reading the room at the drop of the hat to blend in like the gifted chemical chameleon that you know them to be

The trick to seeing which of the three is most helpful and satisfying for you is to analyze the social situation where you’ll be consuming THC. If you’re going to a party, opt for sativa–it’s a crowd-pleaser. If you’re hanging inside or need some me-time, opt for indica. If you want to easily shift between both the extroverted and introverted sides of the coin, a hybrid may be your best bet.

Remember, each of these types affects everyone differently. You could be someone who reacts to indica the same way that someone else reacts to sativa. This is why experimenting safely over time with Strains Dispensary products is the best cannibus consumption practice that we can recommend. Additionally, keep in mind that hybrids aren’t always a 50/50 split between indica and sativa. Some of our hybrids may be sativa-heavier or lean more toward an indica majority blended strain.

Explore New Hybrid Strains and Enjoy Hybrid THC Discounts in Perris 

Don’t be shy–our budtenders are here and passionate about guiding you to the products that leave you feeling exactly the way that you want. We’re super easy to reach in Perris, CA–and can’t wait for you to try our hybrid products! Contact us today with questions and enjoy our dispensary deals!

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