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What Are Cannabis Topicals Used For?

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Strains Dispensary Cannabis Topicals

Cannabis topicals are cannabis-infused products applied to the skin. Topicals are popular because they allow for cannabinoids to be delivered through the skin and have a special affinity for treating localized conditions, such as muscle soreness, pain, inflammation, and more! Topicals are low in THC and non-intoxicating, which makes them preferred among patients who need therapeutic relief without THC’s euphoria. Our cannabis topicals include patches, body cream, balms, eye cream, massage oil, shower gel, hydration spray, bath soak, muscle balm, and anti-inflammatory rolls. Rest assured that we carry a variety of topicals in the form our patients prefer and in the cannabinoid concentration that they need.  

Topical Patches

Transdermal patches containing specific cannabinoid blends have been proven popular for treating conditions through targeted to whole-body relief. The patches allow for the cannabinoids like THC and CBD to be released over time and in specific areas for targeted body treatment. Cannabis patches are easy to apply and come in specific ratios perfect for meeting individual patient needs. 

Lotions & Body Creams

These skincare products come infused with your favorite cannabinoids and are specifically focused on moisturizing skin and are usually scented with amazing fragrances. When you like your CBD, THC, or both delivered in a moisturizing lotion or cream, look no further than our Sugar High or In Your Dreams Cannabis Body Crème.


Cannabis balms are popular for treating insomnia while keeping skin moisturized. Balms are also popular for localized pain such as neuropathy and sciatica pain as well as for treating skin scars, body aches, and muscle pulls. If you seek a topical balm, we invite you to consider our Releaf Balm.

Cannabis Topicals at Strains Dispensary are Excellent for Pain & Ailments

Our topicals are popular for treating localized pain primarily and are also popular for several whole-body conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, and depression. Inflammation, body aches, and muscle pulls are just a few common reasons that our patients select topicals for localized relief. This can be popular when working out. When it comes to whole-body ailments commonly treated with topicals, our patients routinely choose them for improving insomnia, anxiety, depression, and more. If you’ve been experiencing localized pain and want to consider plant medicine, we invite you to speak with one of our knowledgeable budtenders on your next visit to Strains  Dispensary in Perris.

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