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What Do Different Weed Measurements Mean?

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Weed measurements can be confusing, whether you’re new to weed or partake daily. When you’re shopping for weed near Riverside, CA, you want to make sure you’re getting the right amount for you.

How Is Weed Measured?

Weed is measured using a mixture of metric measurements like grams and imperial units like ounces.


This is the smallest amount available for purchase in most dispensaries, equivalent to .03 ounces. Enough for one or two sessions with one or two people, depending on how much you smoke, this is a great amount to buy if you’re new to weed or trying out a new strain.


The next biggest common weed measurement is an eighth of an ounce, normally just called an eighth. If you want to use metric, it’s roughly equivalent to 3.5 grams, which gives you a decent handful of smoke sessions. If you’re a casual smoker, an eighth may last you two weeks or more, though more frequent smokers may go through about an eighth a week.


The quarter ounce, normally just called a quarter, is the next measurement up. This is twice as much as an eighth or about seven grams and is enough for seven big joints or 14 smaller half-gram ones. If you like a strain or find a great deal, a quarter can be a good amount to buy.


Though you can buy half ounces (also called halves) at most dispensaries, it’s more common to buy in full ounces. In California, this is the largest amount of weed you can possess legally unless you’re involved in the cannabis industry. Just for comparison, an ounce is about 28.3 grams – that’s a lot of smoke sessions!

Weed flower is great for rolling into joints. Learn about the right amount for you!

Shop Weed in Near Riverside, CA

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