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Weed Doesn’t Have Nicotine But These Smoking Methods Do

Marijuana is completely free of nicotine and tobacco. However, when you sprinkle tobacco into your spliffs or blunts, the chemical equation changes–as you’re now adding nicotine to the mix via tobacco. Keep in mind that marijuana safety use is essential, and you should contact us to learn more about the health benefits and common concerns surrounding cannabis use.

The Connection Between Tobacco, Nicotine, and Cancer

Remember it’s not smoke that signals nicotine’s presence: it’s tobacco. All tobacco products contain nicotine whether or not they are smokeless. For example, all of the following products differ in form and method but contain nicotine:
  • Cigarettes
  • Cigars
  • Dip
  • Snuff
  • Snus
  • Chewing tobacco
  • Hookah tobacco
  • Most e-cigarette products
The interesting element here is that nicotine itself doesn’t cause cancer. The poisons within tobacco cause cancer. The nicotine in the tobacco simply makes smoking tobacco more addictive. Unfortunately, there is no safe smoking alternative that contains tobacco.

Marijuana is Your Nicotine and Tobacco-Free Option

So the good news is that marijuana is nicotine-free–there’s no direct chemical element that makes it addictive. Tobacco use, on the other hand, has been proven many times over to be addictive, and further, to influence your chances of developing a diverse array of cancers. Fortunately, no such link has been thoroughly observed between tobacco-related cancers and cannabis consumption. Additionally, if you’re worried about the potential of marijuana smoke to be carcinogenic, rest at ease knowing that Strains Dispensary has smoke-free THC products for you!
man holds up a tobacco-free joint

Fun Marijuana Health Benefit Facts

Certain cannabis compounds have been shown to kill lung, breast, prostate, leukemia, and lymphoma cancer cells. Aside from having some of the deepest laughs and tasting the most delicious food of your Friday night, weed products like edibles can even help you fight cancer.

Stay Nicotine-Free With Strains Dispensary Near Hemet

Strains Dispensary has a budtender ready to answer all your marijuana health benefit questions when you contact us today! We’re stoked to see you select your favorite smoke-free, nicotine-free, and tobacco-free cannabis products at our convenient location!

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