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Are You Wondering If Weed Could Help You Write?

It’s a curious and common thought. However, there’s little to no research available that’s tested the effects of marijuana consumption on the natural aptitude of human beings for written expression. Some studies suggest that smoking or ingesting THC products while studying boosts focus, which can then lead to more bountiful ideas and deeper conversations.

What we find interesting here at Strains Dispensary is the areas of the brain involved in writing and the areas of the brain that marijuana most directly interacts with. Keep reading to learn more!

What Areas of The Brain Do We Use While Writing?

  • The frontal lobe, which is the part responsible for planning and then selecting what you’ll write about
  • The hippocampus, which forms or retrieves images or memories that you’ll need to write on your selected topic
  • Broca’s Area, allowing you to pick the words necessary to describe the topic
  • Wernicke’s Area, giving you the ability to read what you’ve written
  • The visual cortex, helping you to see in your mind what you’re writing
  • The motor area, allowing you to type, tap, or write on paper
  • The Caudate Nucleus, which optimizes your writing skill every time you practice it

Which Areas of The Writing Brain Are Most Affected By THC?

While everyone is different when they consume THC, it’s safe to say that the hippocampus could be the area most greatly affected by weed during the writing process. This is the part of the brain that deals with memory and memory retrieval. When you smoke or ingest THC, the hippocampus may have to work a bit harder to recall and sift through memories. That said, the entire brain is affected by THC either directly or indirectly while writing. The good news is there is research that shows that THC lifts your mood. This mood-lifting can be extremely beneficial for the creative process generally.

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Shop Mood-Lifting THC Products Near Riverside

Weed affects everyone in nuanced ways–but our budtenders can point you toward the most creative and pensive strains available. Contact us today at our Perris-based weed dispensary with any questions you might have about THC and the creative process!

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