Side Effects of Using Cannabis

What are the side effects of using cannabis?

At Strains Dispensary Perris, our knowledgeable budtenders know that getting the most out of a therapeutic cannabis intervention occurs when the rewards are maximized and side effects minimized. Knowing the side effects of specific forms of cannabis allow our customers to balance the risks and rewards to improve their condition. Although we would love to argue that cannabis is a plant free of risks that only improves lives, the truth is that several proven risks are worth discussing no matter the depth of your cannabis love. Cannabis poses an increased risk of side effects for those with mental health conditions, lung & cardiovascular disease, compromised immune system, and during pregnancy/breastfeeding.

Mental Health Conditions

Those with mental health diagnoses, such as depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, or bipolar disorder are at greater risk for worsening mental health when consuming cannabis. Cannabis can potentially make manic symptoms worse or those with anxiety can have panic attacks. One of the known side effects of using cannabis is the worsening of current mental health symptoms.  

Smoking in General

Smoking anything comes with increased carcinogens and smoking combusted plant material increases the risk of smoking-related side effects no matter how crystallized the flowers. If you are prone to lung sensitivities, such as coughing or wheezing, or have a lung disease such as COPD, smoking can cause unpleasant lung and breathing side effects. 

Pregnancy & Breast Feeding

It is not safe to smoke during pregnancy and we don’t recommend breastfeeding due to how the chemicals can pass into breast milk.

Heart Disease

Studies have shown that smoking cannabis can increase heart rate and blood pressure with higher doses of THC. Smoking cannabis has also been correlated with the increased risk of a heart attack despite CBD being found to decreased heart rate and blood pressure when given in isolated acute doses. Given the risks and need for future research, we don’t recommend those diagnosed with a heart condition to consume cannabis unless under the supervision of a qualified doctor. 

Immune System

Some chemicals produced when smoking cannabis can weaken immune function. Since this can make it difficult to fight infections, it might not be a great idea to smoke cannabis with a compromised immune system and another cannabis product such as edibles or vape cartridges might be better.


A recent study of the patrons leaving Strains Dispensary Perris proves that access to cannabis products of the highest quality almost always induces smiling and giddiness.

Cannabis Effects on Blood Pressure

Does cannabis lower blood pressure?

The available research shows mixed results with a need for further research as smoking cannabis is correlated with increased blood pressure yet specific cannabinoids have been proven to lower blood pressure. Smoking cannabis has been associated with increased blood pressure and a greater risk of dying from heart disease, and other studies have shown specific cannabinoids like CBD to have the ability to lower blood pressure with a single dose. This leads us at Strains Dispensary Perris to recommend practicing caution with your health and cannabis therapies, especially if you have been diagnosed with heart disease or high blood pressure, and to only introduce cannabis smoking into your treatment regimen if approved by a qualified physician. 

Smoking Cannabis & Heart Health

Studies have shown an increased risk of smoking cannabis and heart conditions, such as heart disease, and hypertension. Although the studies are inconclusive, Harvard Medical School (2017) continues to recommend that those with heart conditions refrain from smoking cannabis due to the complex effects that cannabinoids have on the cardiovascular system including heart rate and blood pressure.

THC, CBD & Blood Pressure

THC and CBD are both associated with lowering blood pressure. CBD is the infamous non-psychoactive cannabinoid effective at treating a wide range of ailments whereby the patient benefits from an effective cannabinoid but wants to escape the psychoactive high produced by THC. A 2017 study published in The American Society for Clinical Investigation found that a single acute dose of CBD reduced resting blood pressure and lessened the blood pressure response to stress when heart rate increased among healthy participants. THC is associated with increased heart problems at higher doses but remains effective at lower doses. These findings yield implications for the patients at Strains Dispensary Perris as a high-CBD & low-THC product could be best for those with heart conditions. 

In Conclusion: More Research Needed

Most of the evidence concerning cannabis and heart health are based on reports from those who smoked cannabis, which makes it difficult to tease out the effects of cannabinoids on the cardiovascular system from the dangers posed by inhaling irritants and carcinogens in the smoke. If you have a preexisting heart condition defined by increased blood pressure, especially those including prescription medications for treating hypertension, please consult with a qualified physician before consuming cannabis alongside prescribed medications. 

Cannabis Effects on Heart Rate

Does Cannabis Affect your heart rate?

At Strains Dispensary Perris, we have to admit: we aren’t doctors but have researched and answered the question – does cannabis affect heart health? Yes, THC has been shown to increase heart rate by up 50 beats per minute but also lowers blood pressure. The increase in heart rate occurs because the THC lowers blood pressure. It is important to know that lower doses of THC are more effective at providing heart benefits; however, the benefits decline with the increase in THC dose. 

Cannabinoids & Heart Rate

The cannabinoids, CBD and THC, have been studied for their impact on heart rate. CBD has been shown to reduce resting heart rate among healthy participants; THC has been shown to decrease heart rate at lower doses yet has the affinity to increase heart rate and anxiety at higher doses. These results have implications for cannabis enthusiasts having heart conditions as high-CBD & low-THC products have the best chance at balancing reward and risk. Again, we recommend speaking with your doctor about what cannabis can do for you and your heart rate.  

THC Dose & Heart Rate

Since the dose is an important factor when considering how THC impacts heart rate, we do not recommend the elderly or those with heart disease to take higher doses of THC unless under the care of a qualified doctor. We always recommend speaking with your physician about cannabis and your specific heart condition before introducing a new cannabis therapy. 

Research is Inconclusive for those with Cardiovascular Disease

With approximately 25% of all American deaths caused by heart disease, our patients are positioned at Strains Dispensary Perris to benefit from the ongoing research on cannabis and cardiovascular health. Those without cardiovascular disease need not worry as cannabis has not been shown to increase their heart risk profile. We found that cannabis has an influence on the cardiovascular system that is quite complicated and further research is necessary to know what specific cannabinoids are effective at treating heart disease and at what dose that the cannabinoids are effective. Those with cardiovascular disease should refrain from smoking cannabis given the proven risks even though additional research needs to be completed to arrive at a consensus.

Cannabis Food and Drink Guide

Stains Dispensary Perris Cannabis Food & Drink Guide

Cannabis products found commonly at Strains Dispensary Perris come in a variety of consumables featuring both food and drink. We invite you to take the average cannabis smoking experience to the next level of consumption quality and therapeutic value by considering how cannabis foods and drinks might improve or better serve your current cannabis consumption method. 

Cannabis Food and Drink = Edibles

Edibles are all cannabis-infused products taken orally including foods and drinks of all kinds and flavors. No matter if you’re eating a cannabis-infused cookie or drink, they all qualify as edibles. We carry an impressive selection of cannabis edibles, such as CHILL Chocolate and Emerald Sky,  in a selection of foods and drinks perfect for meeting individual tastes.    

Cannabis-Infused Butter 

Cannabis oil is lipid-soluble and requires a carrying oil to bind to when making foods. Most cannabis foods and drinks are made with a special butter that has been infused by cannabis oil containing all of the cannabinoids extracted from the flower. When making cookie edibles, infused butter is used in lieu of traditional butter so that the resulting cookies contain the cannabinoids needed. 


Candy is preferred among those seeking a delivery system for quick, tasty, and effective dosing. No matter if you prefer chocolate or gummies, we have a large selection of chocolate candy and gummies infused with cannabis perfect for you! 


Cannabis-infused beverages offer convenient precision dosing and a selection of flavors taking the scene by storm meeting individual drink preferences including root-beer flavored soda, fruit punch elixir, or wildberry guava quencher.  Dixie Brand offers delicious and natural THC elixirs.


Baked Goods (Cookies & Brownies) 

Cannabis consumers often introduce baked goods into their wellbeing regimen because who doesn’t like a good cookie or brownie infused with their favorite cannabinoid? Baked goods offer the benefits of pleasurable consumption with an oral delivery system that escapes the negatives of smoking. 

Gluten & Dairy Restricted Food 

Those with gluten and dairy restrictions can find it difficult to secure their cannabis foods and drinks due to dietary requirements. The cannabis industry has been pretty good at introducing gluten and dairy-free products to meet the needs of such patients and we carry several at our dispensary in Perris. 


We Welcome You Into Strains Dispensary of Perris

If you know that a particular cannabis product is best for you, we invite you to consider our full menu of cannabis products featuring all of the common forms, concentrations, and routes of administration. Our customers can rest assured that if they need flowers or another cannabis product, we have the cannabinoid medicine needed in the form desired and in the most-effective concentration that gets the job done.

10 Cannabis Plant Facts

Person holding bud of marijuana with open sky and field in background

10 Cannabis plant Facts From Strains Dispensary in Perris, CA

We think cannabis is an amazing plant with countless health benefits and we want to share 10 interesting yet less-known cannabis plant facts that might help inform the role of cannabis in your life and potentially help you select the ideal product to treat your presenting ailment effectively yet holistically.


Cannabis Sativa Evolved in the Tropics  

Cannabis Sativa adopted its upward stretch, thinner leaves, and uplifting THC high from evolving in tropical regions with intense heat in an environment defined by intense plant competition. 


Cannabis Indica Evolved in the Hindu Kush Region

Cannabis Indica evolved its shorter, bushier stature and couch-lock heaviness from growing in the harsh mountainous region of the Hindu Kush. 


Cannabis Hybrids

Hybrids are those plants whose genetics are somewhere between true Indica and Sativa. Although a plant geneticist will be quick to point out that almost all cannabis plants today are hybrids, the term is commonly used to describe plants with middle-ground genetics. 


Increased Heart Rate

Studies have confirmed that cannabis can increase heart rate for up to 3 hours after smoking. Although more study is needed to confirm implications, the increase in heart rate may be related to an increased probability of experiencing a heart attack. At Strains Dispensary Perris, we recommend that our older patrons or those with heart disease to introduce cannabis therapies after speaking with a qualified physician.  


Once a Pipe Dream – THC Levels are on the Rise

Cannabis growing technology, breeding methods, knowledge of the plant’s genetics, and not to mention – consumer demand – have created a market by which the potency of cannabis flowers, as evidenced by the percentage of THC, is on the increase. I think that we can all agree that today’s cannabis flower from Strains Dispensary Perris has a quality that was once considered mythical. The frosty flowers that we once could only witness on the cover of a famous 1990’s marijuana magazine are now readily available at Strains Dispensary Perris in a candy-shop-like selection of products that were once a pipe dream.


Effective Treatment for a Range of Ailments

A remarkable feature of Cannabis is producing cannabinoids proven to be effective at treating a huge range of ailments including depression, pain, insomnia, anxiety, and anti-cancer just to name a few!  


Anti-Cancer Cannabis Cannabinoids: THC & CBD 

We can cite research as early as the 1970s finding anti-cancer properties among cannabis cannabinoids with THC & CBD being targets of popular study. THC not only helps with cancer-related insomnia, nausea, and depression, but recent studies have shown that THC & CBD delivered in a 1:1 ratio can be an effective anti-cancer therapy. 


Cannabis, THC & Mental Illness 

Cannabis does come with an increased risk of mental health side effects for those with preexisting mental illness or those prone to experience mood swings, paranoia, anxiety, or depression. Those with mood instability or a mental health diagnosis should consult a qualified practitioner before introducing cannabis therapies.  


The Classic Cannabis Edible Story

It’s a fact that some people trying edibles for the first time take too much because they take a second dose believing that the first dose was ineffective only to find the first edible has yet to kick in. We recommend that first-time edible consumption get paired with significant patience by waiting at least two hours before taking more. 


Strains Dispensary is the Best Dispensary in Perris 

Okay, so we made that up due to slight bias; however, we do operate a quality dispensary with an impressive inventory of cannabis products including flower, edibles, vape cartridges, concentrates, topicals, and all of the gear that you might need on your journey to improved wellbeing.