Treating Weed Hangovers

Treating Weed Hangover

Weed Hangover? – Why Do They Happen and How Do You Get Over Them?

Consuming too much THC before bed can cause a weed hangover the next morning due to active THC still in the bloodstream from the night before. This is commonly reported by our customers at Strains Dispensary Perris, CA as an adverse effect and we know just what to do if you want to prevent them. For those wanting to escape feeling hungover the next morning, we have put together an article about why they happen and the ideal ways to get over them.

Symptoms of Weed Hangover

Although weed hangovers are not a popular topic of scholarly research interest, there was a 1985 study that reported common symptoms of a weed hangover experienced the morning after a heavy smoking session. A weed hangover is defined by common symptoms felt the morning after smoking heavily:
  • Brain fog
  • Tiredness
  • Lethargy
  • Dry eyes and mouth

Weed Hangover: Still a Little High

The symptoms of a weed hangover sound a lot like the symptoms of being a little high. This suggests that a weed hangover is just an extended yet more subtle high that has not exhausted from the night before. Given that this happens after a heavy smoke session, it demonstrates that a portion of the cannabinoids consumed the night before are still actively tickling brain receptors and causing the mild high still felt in the morning.

The Best Way to Prevent Weed Hangovers

With weed hangovers being caused by consuming too much the night before, the ideal solution is easy if you do not like feeling a little high from the night before – do not smoke as much before going to bed or adjust your consumption schedule to limit feeling a hangover. If you consume THC at night and want to prevent hangovers, you have one basic option: consume less THC, especially before bed.

Edibles and Weed Hangovers

Edibles are amazingly effective and preferred among many of our customers; however, we also know that edibles come with increased potential of adverse psychoactive effects often caused by simply taking too much. When taking an edible too late in the day or right before bed, it increases the likelihood of a weed hangover. If you are sensitive to weed hangovers, we urge you to take caution in your edible consumption strategy.

Get the Right Cannabis Product and Guidance at Strains Dispensary in Perris, CA

Maybe you are sensitive to THC and simply need to limit how much you consume but still need effective relief? Just for you, we carry CBD-rich products like Marley Natural Red – Trident flower that can deliver CBD cannabinoid relief without the high. By limiting the amount of THC, you can prevent feeling a hangover the next morning. With the only realistic way to get over a weed hangover being to wait it out, we recommend preventing it in the first place with limited THC consumption especially before bed or by implementing a CBD-rich product with low THC that eliminates the potential for an unpleasant hangover.

Cannabis Recommendations for Pain

Cannabis Recommendations for pain

Chronic pain is one of the most common ailments that motivate customers to seek a cannabinoid-based intervention. At Strains Dispensary Perris, we listen to our customers’ experiences with cannabis and research reports from the experts. We understand that the FDA has yet to approve any cannabis therapy for pain relief; however, it is also impossible to ignore anecdotal reports confirming that a range of cannabis products can effectively reduce pain.

Best Cannabis Products for Chronic Pain

  • High-THC & Low-CBD Flower – Indica strains with this cannabinoid profile are popular for treating pain
  • Topicals – lotions, balms, and salves can offer targeted pain and inflammation relief with cannabinoids entering through the skin
  • Edibles – easy to consume and in a variety of edible options, edibles are often preferred by those wanting extended comfort
  • High-THC & Low-CBD Concentrates – vaporizer cartridges and oil have been increasingly popular among our clients seeking pain relief

It honestly comes down to personal judgment, preferences, and experience, and we recommend some trial and error if you aren’t well-versed in cannabis consumption. Brands such as High Garden provide products that help with muscle pain and fatigue. Our high-THC products with lower CBD are the most popular among pain patients; however, we have a good percentage of patients that prefer a high-CBD product because they want to escape THC’s high. Edibles, concentrates, topicals, and flower are all commonly preferred among our pain clients.

Cannabinoids & Pain Management Research

Although we don’t claim to be medical professionals, we diligently monitor cannabis research to make informed recommendations to our patrons backed by evidence. We always recommend that a physician take the lead when it comes to medicine. Still, we do know cannabis professionally here at Strains Dispensary Perris, and we know that marijuana can be quite effective for treating pain because studies have proven it. Our customers regularly share their anecdotal findings.

Medical Patients

One of the most significant benefits of cannabis therapies to treat pain is the reduction of opiate pain medications. Some patients find cannabis to be much more effective without the proven dangers of long-term opiate use. A study by Boehnke (2016) found, “cannabis use was associated with 64% lower opioid use in patients with chronic pain.” If you’re currently on pain medication, we invite you to speak with your doctor about how a cannabis intervention might be able to reduce your opiate use yet control your pain.

Cannabis Recommendations for Epilepsy

Cannabis Recommendations for Epilepsy

At Strains Dispensary Perris, we’ve noticed that some of our customers choose cannabis as a treatment for epilepsy and other seizure disorders. The uptick in demand that we’ve experienced aligns with the findings from Perucca’s (2017) study, “Cannabinoids in the Treatment of Epilepsy: Hard Evidence at Last?” published in the Journal of Epilepsy Research. Findings concluded that THC and CBD are both effective at treating refractory epilepsy. Researchers have also found that CBD is a preferred therapy because it does not induce a psychoactive effect found unfavorable among some patients.

Popular Cannabis Products for Epilepsy: Tinctures & Concentrate

Here are two of our most popular products when it comes to treating epilepsy and other seizure disorders:

  • Releaf Tincture – we carry a high-CBD & low-THC tincture popular for epilepsy; this tincture is an attractive option for medical patients and older adults wanting to avoid THC’s high.
  • CBD Premium Cannabis Oil – just over a gram of premium cannabis oil concentrate, vaporizer cartridges have grown in popularity among our customers with epilepsy.

We like to root our recommendations at Strains Dispensary Perris in research and emerging industry best practices. We strive to make individualized recommendations for our customers and medical patients alike. If your physician has made a recommendation, we follow them first. We have the utmost respect for medical professionals.

If you were left more general guidelines, we can make recommendations based on research and anecdotal reports from other customers in similar positions as you.

CBD alone can help treat epilepsy

Two attractive options with a favorable risk and reward profile are high-CBD products that can deliver effective relief without any adverse psychoactive results. Although research suggests that THC and CBD can both be quite effective, the beauty of cannabis is that a range of products carrying a range of cannabinoid percentage profiles can help with epilepsy. 

But maybe you enjoy THC?

THC can also treat epilepsy effectively, and we expect a good portion of those with epilepsy or another seizure disorder to include THC in their cannabinoid treatment profile as they will enjoy the psychoactive effect that THC delivers. For you, a high-THC & low-CBD product or one with a perfect 1:1 ratio might offer the relief you seek and the high that you also enjoy.

Cannabis Effects on Blood Pressure

Does cannabis lower blood pressure?

The available research shows mixed results with a need for further research as smoking cannabis is correlated with increased blood pressure yet specific cannabinoids have been proven to lower blood pressure. Smoking cannabis has been associated with increased blood pressure and a greater risk of dying from heart disease, and other studies have shown specific cannabinoids like CBD to have the ability to lower blood pressure with a single dose. This leads us at Strains Dispensary Perris to recommend practicing caution with your health and cannabis therapies, especially if you have been diagnosed with heart disease or high blood pressure, and to only introduce cannabis smoking into your treatment regimen if approved by a qualified physician. 

Smoking Cannabis & Heart Health

Studies have shown an increased risk of smoking cannabis and heart conditions, such as heart disease, and hypertension. Although the studies are inconclusive, Harvard Medical School (2017) continues to recommend that those with heart conditions refrain from smoking cannabis due to the complex effects that cannabinoids have on the cardiovascular system including heart rate and blood pressure.

THC, CBD & Blood Pressure

THC and CBD are both associated with lowering blood pressure. CBD is the infamous non-psychoactive cannabinoid effective at treating a wide range of ailments whereby the patient benefits from an effective cannabinoid but wants to escape the psychoactive high produced by THC. A 2017 study published in The American Society for Clinical Investigation found that a single acute dose of CBD reduced resting blood pressure and lessened the blood pressure response to stress when heart rate increased among healthy participants. THC is associated with increased heart problems at higher doses but remains effective at lower doses. These findings yield implications for the patients at Strains Dispensary Perris as a high-CBD & low-THC product could be best for those with heart conditions. 

In Conclusion: More Research Needed

Most of the evidence concerning cannabis and heart health are based on reports from those who smoked cannabis, which makes it difficult to tease out the effects of cannabinoids on the cardiovascular system from the dangers posed by inhaling irritants and carcinogens in the smoke. If you have a preexisting heart condition defined by increased blood pressure, especially those including prescription medications for treating hypertension, please consult with a qualified physician before consuming cannabis alongside prescribed medications. 

Cannabis Effects on Heart Rate

Does Cannabis Affect your heart rate?

At Strains Dispensary Perris, we have to admit: we aren’t doctors but have researched and answered the question – does cannabis affect heart health? Yes, THC has been shown to increase heart rate by up 50 beats per minute but also lowers blood pressure. The increase in heart rate occurs because the THC lowers blood pressure. It is important to know that lower doses of THC are more effective at providing heart benefits; however, the benefits decline with the increase in THC dose. 

Cannabinoids & Heart Rate

The cannabinoids, CBD and THC, have been studied for their impact on heart rate. CBD has been shown to reduce resting heart rate among healthy participants; THC has been shown to decrease heart rate at lower doses yet has the affinity to increase heart rate and anxiety at higher doses. These results have implications for cannabis enthusiasts having heart conditions as high-CBD & low-THC products have the best chance at balancing reward and risk. Again, we recommend speaking with your doctor about what cannabis can do for you and your heart rate.  

THC Dose & Heart Rate

Since the dose is an important factor when considering how THC impacts heart rate, we do not recommend the elderly or those with heart disease to take higher doses of THC unless under the care of a qualified doctor. We always recommend speaking with your physician about cannabis and your specific heart condition before introducing a new cannabis therapy. 

Research is Inconclusive for those with Cardiovascular Disease

With approximately 25% of all American deaths caused by heart disease, our patients are positioned at Strains Dispensary Perris to benefit from the ongoing research on cannabis and cardiovascular health. Those without cardiovascular disease need not worry as cannabis has not been shown to increase their heart risk profile. We found that cannabis has an influence on the cardiovascular system that is quite complicated and further research is necessary to know what specific cannabinoids are effective at treating heart disease and at what dose that the cannabinoids are effective. Those with cardiovascular disease should refrain from smoking cannabis given the proven risks even though additional research needs to be completed to arrive at a consensus.

Cannabis Food and Drink Guide

Stains Dispensary Perris Cannabis Food & Drink Guide

Cannabis products found commonly at Strains Dispensary Perris come in a variety of consumables featuring both food and drink. We invite you to take the average cannabis smoking experience to the next level of consumption quality and therapeutic value by considering how cannabis foods and drinks might improve or better serve your current cannabis consumption method. 

Cannabis Food and Drink = Edibles

Edibles are all cannabis-infused products taken orally including foods and drinks of all kinds and flavors. No matter if you’re eating a cannabis-infused cookie or drink, they all qualify as edibles. We carry an impressive selection of cannabis edibles, such as CHILL Chocolate and Emerald Sky,  in a selection of foods and drinks perfect for meeting individual tastes.    

Cannabis-Infused Butter 

Cannabis oil is lipid-soluble and requires a carrying oil to bind to when making foods. Most cannabis foods and drinks are made with a special butter that has been infused by cannabis oil containing all of the cannabinoids extracted from the flower. When making cookie edibles, infused butter is used in lieu of traditional butter so that the resulting cookies contain the cannabinoids needed. 


Candy is preferred among those seeking a delivery system for quick, tasty, and effective dosing. No matter if you prefer chocolate or gummies, we have a large selection of chocolate candy and gummies infused with cannabis perfect for you! 


Cannabis-infused beverages offer convenient precision dosing and a selection of flavors taking the scene by storm meeting individual drink preferences including root-beer flavored soda, fruit punch elixir, or wildberry guava quencher.  Dixie Brand offers delicious and natural THC elixirs.


Baked Goods (Cookies & Brownies) 

Cannabis consumers often introduce baked goods into their wellbeing regimen because who doesn’t like a good cookie or brownie infused with their favorite cannabinoid? Baked goods offer the benefits of pleasurable consumption with an oral delivery system that escapes the negatives of smoking. 

Gluten & Dairy Restricted Food 

Those with gluten and dairy restrictions can find it difficult to secure their cannabis foods and drinks due to dietary requirements. The cannabis industry has been pretty good at introducing gluten and dairy-free products to meet the needs of such patients and we carry several at our dispensary in Perris. 


We Welcome You Into Strains Dispensary of Perris

If you know that a particular cannabis product is best for you, we invite you to consider our full menu of cannabis products featuring all of the common forms, concentrations, and routes of administration. Our customers can rest assured that if they need flowers or another cannabis product, we have the cannabinoid medicine needed in the form desired and in the most-effective concentration that gets the job done.