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Treating Weed Hangovers

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Weed Hangover? – Why Do They Happen and How Do You Get Over Them?

Consuming too much THC before bed can cause a weed hangover the next morning due to active THC still in the bloodstream from the night before. This is commonly reported by our customers at Strains Dispensary Perris, CA as an adverse effect and we know just what to do if you want to prevent them. For those wanting to escape feeling hungover the next morning, we have put together an article about why they happen and the ideal ways to get over them.

Symptoms of Weed Hangover

Although weed hangovers are not a popular topic of scholarly research interest, there was a 1985 study that reported common symptoms of a weed hangover experienced the morning after a heavy smoking session. A weed hangover is defined by common symptoms felt the morning after smoking heavily:
  • Brain fog
  • Tiredness
  • Lethargy
  • Dry eyes and mouth

Weed Hangover: Still a Little High

The symptoms of a weed hangover sound a lot like the symptoms of being a little high. This suggests that a weed hangover is just an extended yet more subtle high that has not exhausted from the night before. Given that this happens after a heavy smoke session, it demonstrates that a portion of the cannabinoids consumed the night before are still actively tickling brain receptors and causing the mild high still felt in the morning.

The Best Way to Prevent Weed Hangovers

With weed hangovers being caused by consuming too much the night before, the ideal solution is easy if you do not like feeling a little high from the night before – do not smoke as much before going to bed or adjust your consumption schedule to limit feeling a hangover. If you consume THC at night and want to prevent hangovers, you have one basic option: consume less THC, especially before bed.

Edibles and Weed Hangovers

Edibles are amazingly effective and preferred among many of our customers; however, we also know that edibles come with increased potential of adverse psychoactive effects often caused by simply taking too much. When taking an edible too late in the day or right before bed, it increases the likelihood of a weed hangover. If you are sensitive to weed hangovers, we urge you to take caution in your edible consumption strategy.

Get the Right Cannabis Product and Guidance at Strains Dispensary in Perris, CA

Maybe you are sensitive to THC and simply need to limit how much you consume but still need effective relief? Just for you, we carry CBD-rich products like Marley Natural Red – Trident flower that can deliver CBD cannabinoid relief without the high. By limiting the amount of THC, you can prevent feeling a hangover the next morning. With the only realistic way to get over a weed hangover being to wait it out, we recommend preventing it in the first place with limited THC consumption especially before bed or by implementing a CBD-rich product with low THC that eliminates the potential for an unpleasant hangover.
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