Cannabis Recommendations for Pain


Cannabis Recommendations for pain

Chronic pain is one of the most common ailments that motivate customers to seek a cannabinoid-based intervention. At Strains Dispensary Perris, we listen to our customers’ experiences with cannabis and research reports from the experts. We understand that the FDA has yet to approve any cannabis therapy for pain relief; however, it is also impossible to ignore anecdotal reports confirming that a range of cannabis products can effectively reduce pain.

Best Cannabis Products for Chronic Pain

  • High-THC & Low-CBD Flower – Indica strains with this cannabinoid profile are popular for treating pain
  • Topicals – lotions, balms, and salves can offer targeted pain and inflammation relief with cannabinoids entering through the skin
  • Edibles – easy to consume and in a variety of edible options, edibles are often preferred by those wanting extended comfort
  • High-THC & Low-CBD Concentrates – vaporizer cartridges and oil have been increasingly popular among our clients seeking pain relief

It honestly comes down to personal judgment, preferences, and experience, and we recommend some trial and error if you aren’t well-versed in cannabis consumption. Our high-THC products with lower CBD are the most popular among pain patients; however, we have a good percentage of patients that prefer a high-CBD product because they want to escape THC’s high. Edibles, concentrates, topicals, and flower are all commonly preferred among our pain clients.

Cannabinoids & Pain Management Research

Although we don’t claim to be medical professionals, we diligently monitor cannabis research to make informed recommendations to our patrons backed by evidence. We always recommend that a physician take the lead when it comes to medicine. Still, we do know cannabis professionally here at Strains Dispensary Perris, and we know that marijuana can be quite effective for treating pain because studies have proven it. Our customers regularly share their anecdotal findings.

Medical Patients

One of the most significant benefits of cannabis therapies to treat pain is the reduction of opiate pain medications. Some patients cannabis to be much more effective without the proven dangers of long-term opiate use. A study by Boehnke (2016) found, “cannabis use was associated with 64% lower opioid use in patients with chronic pain.” If you’re currently on pain medication, we invite you to speak with your doctor about how a cannabis intervention might be able to reduce your opiate use yet control your pain.

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