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Where to Store Cannabis to Keep It Fresh

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Storing Cannabis for Freshness

The cannabis that you purchase at Strains Dispensary Perris, CA, is of the highest quality. To preserve its freshness, there are ideal conditions to make your cannabis last as long as possible. Read on to know the dos and don’ts of where to store cannabis to keep it fresh.

Quality Cannabis Dried & Cured for Freshness

After cannabis has been harvested, it is dried and cured to preserve potency and freshness. The drying process is about allowing the moisture in the plant material to evaporate. This preserves the THC and other cannabinoids. Curing helps develop the cannabinoids, allows non-psychoactive cannabinoids to form into THCa, increases THC’s potency, protects terpenes, and enhances the flavor. Curing is the last step in getting the best cannabis product to you; now it’s up to you to store the product to keep it fresh.

How Not to Store Cannabis: Light, Oxygen & Moisture

The discussion of where and how to store cannabis to keep it fresh must begin with what not to do. Studies have shown as early as 1976 that cannabinoids degrade when exposed to light and oxygen. Moisture is also a threat as dried cannabis that rehydrates via high humidity or otherwise can fall victim to bacteria and mold growth.

The Best Conditions

Pharmacology studies have found the ideal conditions for storing cannabis. Cannabinoids remain stable for years when stored at room temperature in the dark at low humidity. Once dried and cured, a low-humidity environment at room temperature free of moisture, light, and oxygen is best.

The Best Container

Cannabis should be stored in an airtight container of an appropriate size. Glass mason jars are popular as they seal tightly and keep moisture out. It also helps to optimize the cannabis flower to air ratio inside the container to decrease the exposure to oxygen. Don’t store a small amount of cannabis in a large container for the best result.

Is Freezing Cannabis Bad?

Freezing cannabis will not cause cannabinoid degradation in the same way nor severity as exposure to oxygen and light. Cannabis trichomes that hold cannabinoids become brittle when frozen and can break off the flower. This can lead to a loss of potency and freshness. Although there are worse options, freezing is not the best storage method for freshness.

Storage Methods: Glass Mason-Style Jars to Cannadors

Storing cannabis for optimal freshness is best in a sealed opaque container with minimal sunlight at room temperature. Many options fit these criteria from affordable to luxury. Glass mason jars work fine for storage and are an affordable option that preserves freshness. Cannadors are more expensive but deliver premium benefits of the perfect humidity and temperature for preserving freshness.

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