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Indoor vs. Outdoor Grown Flower

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Indoor vs. Outdoor Grown Flower

Cannabis connoisseurs, especially those involved in growing, have opinions regarding indoor vs. outdoor-grown flower. You will find those claiming that the best results are produced when the flower is grown outdoors in a natural environment. You will also find those that strongly prefer flower grown indoors. This is truly a matter of preference as indoor and outdoor-grown flower have more in common than not. Rest assured that both options yield an effective therapy for many ailments. You can read on to find out the key differences and similarities between indoor vs. outdoor-grown flower, so you can select the ideal product for you.

Grow Conditions

You might have already guessed that the key difference between indoor and outdoor flower is the growing conditions. An outdoor-grown flower is grown outside where the cannabis plant receives light from the sun, weathers adverse environmental conditions, and growth cycle contingent upon available sunlight. 

An indoor-grown flower is grown indoors in a strictly controlled environment that mimics and often advances outdoor growing conditions. The key difference in growing conditions is that indoor growers control the environment, including temperature, humidity, airflow, and light intensity/exposure. The sun is replaced by powerful timer-operated lights that trigger the cannabis plant’s vegetation – flowering cycle. The temperature and humidity are strictly controlled with fans blowing to imitate wind.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Grown Flower Effects

Most agree that indoor-grown flower is more potent with a stronger high. The strictly controlled environment and optimal growth factors push the cannabis plant’s cannabinoid product to the next level. This results in a denser flower with greater cannabinoid content generating a stronger high. We always remind our clients that indoor control does not automatically equal better cannabis flower because personal preference makes all the difference. Just as many clients enjoy knowing that their cannabis flower was grown as naturally as possible outdoors. If you are a new client and unsure, you can always start small and try indoor and outdoor-grown flower to determine what’s best for you.

Get Indoor & Outdoor Grown Cannabis Flower at Strains Dispensary Perris

High-quality cannabis flower is grown both indoors and outdoors, with the best coming down to individual preference. Our clients can trust that their indoor or outdoor-grown flower is award-winning, state-compliant, and chemical-free. You can place an order conveniently online or stop by Strains Dispensary Perris during regular hours to pick up your indoor or outdoor-grown flower.

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