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Benefits of Edibles For Mental Health

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Understanding the Benefits of Edibles For Your Mental Health

Foods infused with cannabis are commonly referred to as edibles. These range from hard candies and gummies to baked goods and more. Because edibles enter your body via the digestive system, expect initial effects to be delayed up to 2 hours after consumption. While THC-infused products have been proven effective in managing mental health disorders like depression, anxiety, and mania to name a few–psychological and psychiatric benefits vary from person to person. 

Consult your healthcare provider before consuming THC products and keep in mind that the positive experience that one person feels after eating an edible may not be a uniform experience for all. Keep reading to learn more about the indirect benefits of edibles that could positively impact your mental health! Make sure to check out our THC menu specials!


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Are Edibles Good For Anxiety?

We think so–but with a caveat. Studies show that a statistically significant amount of people report decreased anxiety when they consume smaller doses of THC products. As long as you know your limits and can experiment safely when increasing them, edible products possess the potential to curb anxiety. Start small!

Do Edibles Help With Pain?

Scientists haven’t ruled it out. There’s evidence to suggest that they can lessen symptoms associated with chronic pain, inflammation, and other types of discomfort. Whether they create a placebo effect is still widely disputed.

Are Edibles Good For Periods?

Many people who have periods report that they decrease cramping and general body aches. But, much like in the cases above, it’s not a hard yes or no either way. There are potential properties of THC that would naturally help alleviate period pain to some degree–so we’ll leave it up to you!


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The potential indirect effects of edibles during anxious episodes, bouts of chronic pain, and menstruation include easing pain and anxiety. This alleviation can lead to an overall moodlift, boosting your general mental health over time. Contact us today to learn at our conveniently located dispensary near Riverside!

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