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All About Shake & How to Use it Properly

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All About Shake & How to Use it Properly

Shake is a cannabis flower category with a finer consistency and potency that invite specific uses. We have many customers that prefer shake due to its consistency, convenience, and less potent effects compared to full nug flower. Continue reading about shake and how to use this flower properly. We have several shake products available for our customers. We welcome you to contact us about the shake product best for you and place an order for shake today at Strains Dispensary.

Shake-Infused Edibles

Although smoking shake is the most popular route of administration, others that prefer edibles use shake when baking or making tinctures. Edibles recipes often invite shake as the cannabis-delivering ingredient. Shake is an excellent option for those making tinctures with a carrier liquid that absorbs cannabinoids from the plant material. Others simply add shake to brownies or other baked goods to create the preferred edible.

  • 14g High Supply Indica Shake – Our most popular shake product is High Supply’s Indica Shake 14g. This product is made by grounding smaller buds and sieving to ensure consistency. This shake is produced from indica-dominant flower and is an excellent choice for bowls, joints, and edibles. 
  • 7g High Supply Sativa Shake – This cannabis shake is from a sativa-dominant flower with 17.2% THC and .1% CBD. It is preferred among patients that need a more uplifting high for daytime use.

Smoking Shake

Shake has a finer consistency that invites convenient bowl packing and joint rolling. This explains why many patients choose shake for convenience. We recommend using a grinder, but many patients forgo the grinding process and simply pack a bowl or roll a joint. You might also notice that cannabis shake has a slightly reduced effect compared to popcorn and full nug flower. Some patients choose shake for the reduced buzz that it provides.  

Vaping Shake

Those that prefer vaping should know that shake partners well with vaporizers. We recommend grinding the shake to the finest consistency before loading.

Get Cannabis Shake Products at Strains Dispensary Perris, CA

Customers can contact us online, by phone, or in-person to place a shake product order. Existing customers and first-time guests can place orders online around the clock for pick-up during regular business hours. We also welcome those that have questions to visit during normal hours to speak with our knowledgeable budtenders about the best shake products for them.  

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