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Cannabis Tinctures Explained

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Know your Cannabis Tinctures in Perris, Ca

Cannabis tinctures offer the same therapeutic cannabinoid effectiveness as other cannabis products but in a smokeless consumption method. Tinctures are consumed orally, like edibles, but delivered in a liquid form rather than a solid. 

We like to remind clients that our forefathers could purchase cannabis tinctures easily from a local pharmacy from the 1800s and into the early 1900s. Cannabis Tinctures are usually stored and sold in small bottles with a graduated dropper for precise dosing. Check out quality tinctures such as those from High Gorgeous by Yummi Karma at Strains Dispensary!


How are Cannabis Tinctures Produced?

Making a tincture begins by mixing the cannabis flower of choice and a soluble liquid. Usually, alcohol is used, but vegetable glycerin is another option. The cannabis flower is steeped in the carrier liquid whereby the cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD, dissolve. Cannabis tinctures sold in California are analyzed to confirm cannabinoid content and then delivered to a dispensary, such as ours in Perris.

Targeted Tinctures

We offer a remarkable selection of targeted tinctures to help our clients with specific ailments. We carry many tinctures with adjusted THC:CBD ratios and terpene profiles known to help specific conditions.

You’ll notice that most of our cannabis tincture products feature lab test results to verify cannabinoid content.

Here are several examples of our most popular cannabis tincture products’ cannabinoids profile and what conditions they may be suitable for:


Very popular among clients seeking improvement to general wellbeing. CBD tinctures are preferred by those wanting to escape the psychoactive effects of THC but are seeking relief from pain, nerve damage, inflammation, and more!


These tinctures elicit a euphoric effect due to the high THC content. They are often sought after by clients with conditions like cancer, nausea, low appetite, insomnia, anxiety, and more.

Terpene Rich

These tinctures are rich in terpenes found alongside cannabinoids produced by the cannabis flower. They are popular among our clients seeking to down-regulate a heightened stress response while promoting serotonin uptake, an excellent option for addressing PTSD and stress while promoting relaxation.

1:1 THC to CBD

This perfect balance of THC to CBD in equal parts offers effectiveness for medical patients with specific conditions such as Crohn’s disease, digestion, and inflammation. It is also very popular among the general public as if offers many of the benefits each THC and CBD bring. This ratio is also being researched in the medical field as a cancer treatment due to its sought-after entourage effect as an anti-cancer intervention.

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