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Strain’s Dispensary’s Favorite Nicknames For Weed

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Learn The Most Common Nicknames For Weed With Strains Dispensary in Perris

You’ve probably heard or even used marijuana’s most common nicknames. From the generic weed designation to the more comical mentions of reefer, the different ways to refer to marijuana are a testament to its range and reach across demographics. Here are the most typical weed aliases:

  • Herb, bud, pot
  • Ganga, Mary Jane, chronic
  • Grass, dope, hash
  • Zaza/exotic
  • Green, boom, skunk

Here at Strains Dispensary, we use certain adored descriptors to describe our unique strains. Keep reading to learn about what these nicknames say about your weed!

Weed Strains That Include Sour in Their Title

Any sour weed is often a sativa-heavy hybrid that motivates, kickstarts, and energizes focus-friendly THC consumers. It’s a powerfully stimulating strain, and we want to encourage those who identify as more cerebrally active to go easy on the sour weed they purchase. Our more relaxed, less stimulated shoppers can proceed with less caution.

Does Haze Really Make You Hazy?

That’s a common misconception. Haze strains are predominantly sativa hybrids, just like their sour cousins. These types of strains have an anti-couch potato vibe and get you moving and grooving. If you’re in haze, it’s probably a productive one.

Is OG Weed All That Gangster?

In the hip-hop world, OG signifies Original Gangsta. Original Gangsta is a title that anyone exceptional, genuine, or more traditional can win. When we apply it to weed, it can signify that the strain was grown on the West Coast or that it’s of outstanding quality.

Is Pineapple Express a Real Thing?

Not only is it real, it packs a citrusy punch. Pineapple Express is a common sativa strain and it’s known for cultivating buzzing, alert, and creative energy in its smokers. It’s super common, and you can find some variants of it across the shelves of California dispensaries.

Blue Isn’t Sad, It’s A Calm Ocean Breeze

Weed with blue in its name is typically an indica. It’s a heavier high that initiates relaxation and muscle relief. The flower often has a gorgeous deep indigo tint. While there are no blues involved, blue strains work best at bedtime.

og kush

Enjoy Weed Discounts and Deals in Perris!

Contact us today to find your perfect THC product. Our budtenders are always here to break down the meaning of each of our products’ names when you visit our convenient location!

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