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Premium Strawberry Banana THC POD

Strains Dispensary is proud to offer the Moreno Valley area a new frontier for THC vape pods. Cannabis icons STIIIZY bring us their uniquely delicious Strawana THC Pod. This Strawana pod combines two legendary strains into one unique experience. Cannabis connoisseurs and fans of a great product alike will find what they are looking for in this pod by STIIIZY. Get ready to experience a taste and high like no other.

Warm Tropical Flavor

As the name suggests, Strawana THC Pods by STIIIZY have a flavor that combines the best of Strawberry Bubblegum and Banana Kush. This unique taste blends creamy banana flavor with the bright pop of strawberry. Just like the high that combines relaxation with creativity, these flavors combine a cool tropical taste with a summer sensation for your vape pen. Sweet, earthy, and soothing, this flavor will be your guide as you experience the unique high this product brings.

A Unique Strain

Strawana is a welcoming blend of Strawberry Bubblegum and the legendary Banana Kush that combines these classic strains into one uplifting experience. This strain comes to us from Amsterdam where its inspired flavors and high won it the 2015 High Times Cannabis Cup coveted 1st Sativa Flower accolade as well as Cannabis Cup Brazil’s 2016 1st Judge’s Choice. With a pedigree like Strawana, you can’t go wrong. So what do you get when you try a STIIIZY Strawana pod with this winning strain?

The Best of Both Worlds

Strawana combines the best of indica and sativa. The STIIIZY Strawana pod provides the soothing, steady calm of indica with the creativity and euphoria of sativa. This strain is indica-dominant so it leads with relaxation and calm while a pleasantly chill undercurrent of creative energy adds a unique spin that only this strain can offer. Strawana pods from STIIIZY are the ideal choice when you want to experience a focussed calm. Much like the high provided by this strain, the flavor is also an ideal combination.

Change Up Your Flavor and Your Style

When you want to switch up your smokables of choice, you want a pod system that can adapt to your tastes. STIIIZY vape pens come in different battery sizes to suit your lifestyle. You can find their selection of strains and flavors at Strains Dispensary where you can switch it up with modern classics like their Strawana THC Pod. Don’t get stuck smoking the same old same old. Break out and try a new product that can open you up to a new world of cannabis. Strains Dispensary has all of the vape pods and gear you need to match your cannabis to your style.
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