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How to Use a Cannabis Oil Vape Pen

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How to Use a Cannabis Vape Pen

Vape pens represent the fastest-growing cannabis product category popular for discreet consumption, health-conscious delivery, and convenience. They are small devices approximately the size of a pen offering maximum discretion. They heat cannabis oil to a sub-combustion temperature to escape the health hazards of breathing burnt plant material. They also offer a convenient means of getting the perfect dose with little practice. We have a wide variety of high-quality vape pens available at Strains Dispensary Perris. Read on about how to use a vape pen.

Cannabis Vape Pens Explained

Cannabis vape pens are named after their pen-sized structure, allowing patients to inhale cannabis vapor quickly and conveniently. They have a small cartridge that holds the cannabis oil, an element that heats the cannabis oil, a battery that provides the electricity for heating, and a mouthpiece where lips are placed for inhalation.

Disposable vs Cartridge Vape Pens

Vape pens are available in single-use disposable or concentrate cartridges attached to a battery/pen. First-timers often opt for a disposable pen to get accustomed to the process and to make sure the method is right for them. If a vape pen is right, it might be better to invest in a rechargeable vape pen battery with concentrate cartridges easily attached for repeat use. Our knowledgeable budtenders can assist in selecting the right vape pen for you on your next visit to Strains Dispensary Perris.

Using a Cannabis Vape Pen Overview

Using a cannabis vape pen is a relatively easy process. The process begins with activating the heating element. Some vape pens are button-activated, while others are activated with inhalation. If your vape pen has a button, push the button and inhale the vapor. Other vape pens do not have a button and inhaling will activate the heating element instead of a button. Simply inhale, and the pen will take care of the rest! It is important to remember that vape pens are concentrated with high cannabinoid levels. Be sure to start small and titrate dose contingent upon comfort.

Get Cannabis Vape Pens from Strains Dispensary Perris

We carry a wide selection of disposable cannabis vape pens and concentrate vape cartridges in 1g and .5g quantities featuring strain-specific Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid varieties. We have award-winning brands like Friendly Farms, Connected Cannabis Co., Cresco, and Cru Cannabis at Strains Dispensary. Customers can place orders conveniently online or visit the dispensary during regular hours. You might also stop by to speak with a knowledgeable budtender regarding the best vape pen product for you. We look forward to your visit to Strains Dispensary Perris.

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