Difference Between Sativa, Indica & Hybrid


Sativa, Indica & Hybrid Cannabinoid Content

Cannabis’s efficacy as a holistic comes down to the cannabinoids found in the flower. While genetics guide the development of Sativa, Indica, or hybrid varieties, genetics also guide the production of cannabinoids that offer our customers the holistic relief that they seek. 

Genetic Differences Between Sativa, Indica & Hybrid

The cannabis plant has evolved across the globe under variable climates, and recently in labs and greenhouses. This wide variety has created different types of plants. The three main varieties are Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid.

Indica varieties can trace their genetic roots back to the Hindu Kush region, where the plant evolved in a mountainous climate. This climate promotes a shorter and bushier plant with dark and broad leaves.

In tropical regions such as Hawaii, cannabis adopted a taller and leaner stature with lighter green leaves. Their buds are also concentrated at the top of the plant.

Hybrids are a genetic blend of Sativa and Indica made famous by today’s rapidly growing cannabis market. 

Which Strain is Best for You?

It is the subtle variation in cannabinoid content among cannabis strains that cause the difference in effect among consumers. Although our Strains Dispensary budtenders recommend safe trial and error to determine what is best for each individual patient, there are general guidelines when it comes to the differences in effect between strains. 

Here is an overview of the different effect profiles that our customers generally use to guide their decision:


Known for promoting a more uplifting effect. Sativas are generally recommended for daytime use and ailments when wakefulness is necessary or for supporting productivity and creativity.

"Cerebral" and "Uplifting" are commonly used words to describe sativas’ effect. These differing results can be traced to how sativas generally hold a higher THC ratio.


Commonly considered more relaxing. Indicas tend to cause a more profound relaxation effect that has been proven to be fantastic for pain, anxiety, increasing appetite, and reducing nausea for medical patients.

"In-da-couch" is a term used to describe the powerful relaxing effect common to potent indicas known for having a higher ratio of cannabinoids promoting relaxation and tiredness.


Right down the middle. Hybrids represent the vast majority of strains on the market today; daytime or nighttime use is usually at the discretion of the user. Hybrids are often preferred due to their balanced cannabinoid and THC profile. They are most associated with balanced effects.

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