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How to Rehydrate Your Cannabis

It happens to everyone eventually. You reach into your stash and find only dried out, unsmokable cannabis. Rather than tossing it or smoking some harsh, flavorless bud, you can re-hydrate it. These are the four best tips to quickly breathe some life back into even the most dried out cannabis.

1. Get Fancy With a Humidor

A specialty cannabis humidor will keep your stash at the perfect humidity and prevent it from drying out. Make sure you use a dedicated cannabis humidor and not a tobacco humidor. Tobacco has higher humidity needs which can cause mold to grow on cannabis. As the cannabis market continues to boom, specialty humidors are becoming more popular and more affordable. If you’re looking for a solution that can get you results today, you can always try the healthy option.

2. Add Some Flavor With Fruits and Herbs

An apple a day keeps the doctor away as well as keeping your cannabis hydrated. Citrus peels and apple slices are a great way to get some moisture back into your dud bud while adding flavor. Just toss a slice of citrus peels or apple into a sealed jar with your dried out cannabis and watch as life returns to your cannabis. Change out citrus peels every one to three days, and apple slices every hour, to prevent mold from setting into your cannabis. Want a way to stay hydrated without the added flavor? All you need is something absorbent.

3. Grab Some Cotton Balls or Sponges

Cotton balls, sponges, really anything that can hold some dampness will do. Cut off a small section of sponge, towel, to about the size of a cotton ball and get it damp. You don’t want it soaking wet or you will risk an ideal climate for mold. Place the cotton ball into the jar with your dehydrated weed and just like magic your cannabis will spring back to life in a few hours. It’s best to use this method as a last resort and only for a few hours at a time. The higher levels of moisture in a cotton ball or sponge can lead to mold fairly quickly. The best way to prevent dryness is to stop it in the first place.

Make Sure You Store Your Cannabis Right

Proper storage is key to livelily bud at the peak of flavor. Even if you didn’t buy a high-end cannabis humidor, you can still keep your smokables fresh if you store them right. The ideal storage container is a glass jar with a tight-fitting lid. Mason jars or cleaned and dried pasta sauce containers make ideal homes for your choice strains. A plastic Tupperware container works in a pinch, but those are less ideal. Skip the Ziploc and plastic bags as they have little moisture control. Consider those as being for sale and transit only. Keep in mind that even the best bud has a shelf life and each time you re-hydrate, you’re rolling the dice with mold. The best way to prevent dry cannabis is to enjoy your high before it gets too dry.

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