Getting Rid of The Weed Smell


How to Take Care of That Weed Smell Inside Your Home

Cannabis enthusiasts tend to love the smell of good weed from near and far, but not everyone wants their home to smell like the crew just got done with a hotbox session in the living room when Mom and Dad are coming over for dinner. Combusted cannabis has an unmistakable odor that can stick to fabrics such as clothes, furniture, carpet, and window shades.  Although the folks that we hang out with tend to enjoy the smell of combusted cannabis, we can’t refute the research showing 25% of Americans have reported to “hate” the smell of weed. If your home is your cannabis mecca, but you don’t want your home to smell like the bong that you haven’t cleaned since 1998, we have a few strategies for taking care of that weed smell inside your house.

Storing Weed

Potent weed often comes with a robust odor that can reek up the whole place if not stored properly. When storing cannabis, always keep it sealed in an air-tight container free of airflow. Mason-style jars or equivalent work perfectly. Not only will you help contain the smell, but air-tight containers will also keep your flower fresh for a more extended period.

Incense and Sprays

Contrary to popular belief, candles and incense can draw more attention to your smoke session. Your home ends up smelling like weed rolled in freshly laundered blankets. It’s a dead giveaway, and we don’t recommend trying to cover that pungent weed odor up with flowery incense or sprays.

Personal Smoke Filters

That toilet paper roll with a dryer sheet rubber-banded to it will not cut it; I’m afraid. Leave personal smoke filters to the experts, who produce products that do work to a certain extent. Many of these products use multiple filters or a charcoal screen. If you are not familiar, as you exhale, you’ll expel smoke into the filter where it removes the unfavorable smell. As we said, they do work to a certain degree. You might still find a slight odor after a session; it may just be milder.

Air Purifiers

If you’re reading this, it might be time to consider an investment in a quality air purification system. Air purifiers work to remove odor-causing substances rather than trying to mask them. 

Air purifiers are made of a fan that sucks in air and circulates it and filters that the air runs through before it is released. As air moves through the filter(s), pollutants and particles are captured, and clean air is pushed back out into your home.  These types of systems have been used by cigar smokes for a long time.

No More Smell

At Strains Dispensary, we like to say – filters are your friend! They work like baking soda does within your fridge. A strategically placed filter with activated charcoal or carbon can absorb that weed smell effectively. Ideally, this filter should be placed as close to where you choose to smoke as possible. But if you are truly worried about the smell we recommend taking a look at our wide selection of edibles, as the produce no lingering smell.

*This article in no way is promoting the underage consumption of cannabis or use where cannabis is not permitted.

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