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High Gorgeous by Yummi Karma Edibles & Topicals

High Gorgeous by Yummi Karma makes amazing edibles and topicals. Strains Dispensary Perris carries a variety of this brand’s tinctures and topicals. Continue reading about High Gorgeous by Yummi Karma products and visit the dispensary today to pick up the lotion or tincture best for your ailment.

Cannabis-Infused Lotion

Lotions are topicals applied to the skin. Cannabis-infused lotions are similar in texture and application to traditional lotions, but with a twist – they contain cannabinoids that can help with ailments, such as pain, and inflammation. In addition, some users report that cannabis-infused lotions with THC also help with relaxation and sleep.

Cannabis Tinctures Explained

Tinctures have a long history in the medical community with medicines, or in this case, cannabinoids, suspended in a carrying agent. Tinctures offer some benefits, such as dose titration and easy oral consumption. Remedies come in two basic forms – high THC and CBD.  Tinctures with THC have medical and relaxation value while those with CBD offer similar benefits without the mood-altering high.

Plain Jane CBD Drops

Plain Jane CBD drops is a tincture having 600mg CBD with each 1 ml serving at 20mg. The CBD is suspended in fractionated coconut oil for fast relief. Each bottle comes with a dropper for easy dosing. CBD drops are preferred among patients seeking relief from pain, inflammation, and anxiety.

Matcha Beauty Drops

Matcha Beauty Drops contain 300mg CBD and 60mg THC in each bottle. Every 1ml contains 10mg CBD and 2mg THC. This tincture boasts anti-oxidant and immune-supportive properties with a blend of Chamomile, Vitamin C & E, Red Clover, and Matcha. This tincture is a popular choice for advancing skin health and condition with healthy cell renewal.

Coconut Vibes Body Lotion

Coconut Vibes body lotion delivers the perfect balance of THC, THCA, and CBD in equal portions. In addition, the lotion has a moisturizing botanical formula that is often used to treat muscle soreness. Simply apply the coconut-scented lotion to the skin and leave muscle pain and stress behind for the day.

Plain Jane Body Lotion

Plain Jane body lotion contains 300mg of CBD. This lotion is popular for its simplicity; it has a healthy botanical formula, CBD, and no added colors or fragrances to ensure a pure product.

Get High Gorgeous by Yummi Karma Products at Strains Dispensary Perris, CA

Ready to pick up your lotion or tincture? If so, we welcome you to visit the dispensary today to make the purchase or speak with a helpful budtender about the right product for you. Current customers can place their orders online.

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