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Buddies Brand Vape Pens, Concentrates, and Topicals Overview

Buddies is a popular cannabis product brand known for quality, consistency, and effective results. With more than 20 years of experience cultivating high-quality cannabis, they market a selection of top-quality vape pens, concentrates, and topicals that medical patients to connoisseurs love. Buddies products are made with the finest West Coast cannabis. We naturally carry a wide selection of Buddies products at Strains Dispensary Perris, CA. Continue reading for more information about which Buddies cannabis product is right for you.

Buddies Vape Pens

Vape pens are the fastest-growing cannabis product category with many desirable benefits, including discretion, dose titration, simplicity, and effect. Vape pens are also preferred among consumers that want to avoid the health consequences of smoking combusted plant material. Buddies vape pens come in ½ g and 1 g cartridges with a wide variety of strains representing the full Indica – Sativa spectrum, including Ice Cream Cake, Brrr Berry, Cherry Punch x Purple Punch, Dosido, Haze Berry, Iced Lemonade, Pineapple Express, Chem Dawg, and more! Single-use disposable vape pens are also available in several strains.

Buddies Concentrates

Concentrates are cannabis oil extractions with high cannabinoid content by volume. Concentrates are popular among those seeking powerful and fast results. Buddies has several concentrates available for medical and recreational applications. Popular Buddies concentrates at Strains Dispensary Perris, CA include live resin, cannabis oil, and distillate vape carts.

Buddies Topicals

Cannabis topicals are applied to the skin and commonly used for pain relief, inflammation, muscle soreness, psoriasis, and dermatitis. Buddies Fire & Ice Roll-On topical is an excellent product popular for its non-greasy application, long-lasting effect, all-natural ingredients, and therapeutic strength. Our customers commonly report that Buddies topicals smell great, provide fast relief within minutes, and without oily hands post-application. No matter if you are an athlete or grandma needing relief, Buddies topicals can help you get relief fast!

Get Buddies Vape Pens, Concentrates, and Topicals at Strains Dispensary Perris, CA

We carry a wide selection of Buddies products at Strains Dispensary Perris, CA. Stop by today to pick up your favorite product or speak with our knowledgeable budtender if you have any questions about how Buddies products can help you. It’s likely that a Buddies Brand vape pen, concentrate, or topical can help improve your specific situation.

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