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Cannabis Wax Defined

Cannabis wax is highly-concentrated cannabinoids extracted from the cannabis plant. Cannabis Wax gets its name from the sticky waxy consistency. Wax has a yellowish to amber color similar to beeswax. The flower used in production and the extraction method causes unique wax textures and hues in the final product.  Wax is also commonly called honeycomb, budder, and crumble.

How is Cannabis Wax Made?

Cannabis wax is produced using a variety of extraction methods with butane being the most popular solvent. This is why cannabis wax is often called butane hash oil. THC and other cannabinoids are butane-soluble, which makes it an attractive solvent for extraction. Butane is washed over the cannabis plant and the sought-after cannabinoids are removed from the plant material to create cannabis wax.

Cannabis Wax is a Cannabinoid-Rich Concentrate

Cannabis Wax is rich in highly-concentrated cannabinoids that account for up to 80% of the final product. Such highly concentrated cannabinoids make wax potent in effect, efficiently consumed, and desirable for many consumers for a variety of ailments.

Benefits of Cannabis Wax

Wax delivers a powerful volume of cannabinoids immediately. This makes wax popular among recreational and medical consumers alike seeking cannabinoid relief quickly. The enhanced flavor is also popular among flavonoid connoisseurs.

How to Consume Cannabis Wax

There are many different ways to consume cannabis wax and there is sure to be a preferred method for you. Here are a few of the most popular methods:

  • Hash Pipe: Some pipes are specifically designed for smoking solvent-based extracts like wax. Extract pipes are more affordable than dab rigs and vaporizers. They are a traditional and easy way to enjoy wax.
  • Mixing with Flower: Wax can be sprinkled on the flower before rolling a joint or placed on top of a bowl. You will notice that this method increases the flavor and potency of the flower. You can smoke less flower using this method because the wax is cannabinoid-rich.
  • Vaporizer: Vaporizers allow for efficient wax consumption while escaping the risks of combustion smoking. Vaporizers are a more expensive option, but the convenience and the enhanced taste are desirable to many consumers.
  • Dab Rig: Dabs and dabbing are the terms used to describe smoking concentrates like wax. A small amount of wax – the dab – is pressed against a hot nail heated with a blowtorch or electricity (e-nail) to vaporize the wax. The vapor is inhaled through a specialized pipe. The nail and the pipe are referred to as the dab rig.
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