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What Do I Need to Bring to Buy at a Dispensary in California?

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Buying cannabis in California is pretty straightforward, but a bit of preparation can help ensure your dispensary visit goes smoothly. At Strains Dispensary, we want to make sure our customers have everything they need for a successful experience at our weed store – contact us with any questions.

What Do I Need to Visit a California Weed Dispensary?

Your Valid ID

You need to be over 21 to enter the majority of California weed stores; the only exceptions are state-licensed medical dispensaries, which allow medical marijuana patients between 18 and 20. Expired IDs are not accepted, nor are unofficial IDs from a college, gym, etc. Instead, bring one of the following with you:

  • Valid driver’s license (can be either from CA or out-of-state)
  • Valid government-issued ID card (can be either from CA or out-of-state)
  • Valid passport (can be from the US or a foreign government)

Your Medical Marijuana Card

Provided you’re over 21, you don’t need to bring your California medical marijuana card. However, you’ll be restricted to buying only one ounce of flower or eight grams of concentrate. Medical weed patients also don’t have to pay any sales tax on their purchases.

Your Wallet

Strains Dispensary, like most weed dispensaries near Temecula, only accepts cash. If you are a new user who wants to try a few different products, plan on bringing at least $60. If you’re planning on stocking up, you’ll want more. Strains Dispensary has an on-site ATM for your convenience.

Your Good Vibes

We work hard to make all our customers feel welcome at Strains Dispensary. You can help by coming in ready to explore and learn. Whether you’re a first-timer, a medical patient, or an enthusiast looking for the next big strain, we’re here to help you have a great time.

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