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Shatter vs. Wax Overview

Shatter and wax are both extracted from the cannabis plant and are rich in cannabinoids. They are considered to be cannabis concentrates with a similar potency around 60-70% THC. How they are made, the consistency of the resulting product, and the preferred method of consumption are the differences between shatter and wax.

Potency, Flavor & Effect

Consumers often ask us at Strains Dispensary Perris, CA if shatter or wax is best for their needs. This comes down to consumer preferences and desired effect. We recommend wax for those such as medical patients seeking a more complete effect. We recommend shatter for recreational consumers that want a stronger high.

Consuming Shatter & Wax

Despite the differences in extraction method, resulting consistency, and terpene content, consuming shatter and wax is the same. Here is an overview of the most popular methods of consuming wax and shatter:

  • Smoking. Wax and shatter can be combusted with a popular method being mixing with flower for an enhanced flavor and effect. It is easier to handle shatter but wax can also be added to a bowl or joint for smoking.
  • Vaporizer. Vaporizers escape the high-heat combustion and enhance flavor. Vaporization is popular for both shatter and wax but requires a specialized device.
  • Dab Rig. Recommended for the full effect, connoisseurs will tell you that dab rigs are a must to get the most out of shatter and wax.

Shatter Pros

Shatter delivers these benefits:

  • Ease of consumption – you won’t need a dab rig even though they are popular. Shatter can also be added to flower before rolling in a joint.
  • Potency – medical users can get fast symptom relief exactly when needed.
  • Handling – shatter is brittle and can be handled easier.
  • Effect – tends to be a longer-lasting method.
  • Easier to titrate the dose.

Shatter Cons

There are a few weaknesses to consider about shatter:
  • Extraction method tends to reduce the flavonoid and terpene content
  • Can be overwhelming to new consumers that take too much
  • Fewer terpenes compared to other options

Wax Pros

Wax has some benefits to consider:
  • Higher terpene content
  • Improved terpene-flavonoid content enhances taste and experience

Wax Cons

There are a couple of wax limitations to consider:
  • Waxy consistency makes it more difficult to handle
  • A dab rig or vaporizer is preferred and these devices cost more
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