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Murrieta, CA Dispensary

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Cannabis Dispensary Near Murrieta, CA

As a leading Southern California dispensary, Strains Dispensary Perris is naturally interested in attracting your business from Murrieta, CA. We offer a full lineup of popular cannabis products for recreational and medical patients alike. We strive to make your visit an experience that encourages you to come back for all of your cannabis needs. For new clients to the cannabis market, we have friendly and knowledgeable budtenders to walk you through the process eliminating anxieties about your first visit and what products might be best for you and your ailment.

Our Extensive Menu of Cannabis Products

We never want to get you in and out as quickly as possible at Strains Dispensary Perris because we understand the value of a unique cannabis experience for new and veteran clients alike. We have friendly, knowledgeable, and professional budtenders ready to eliminate any anxieties among new clients regarding a first dispensary visit. Our budtenders can also answer those difficult questions posed by veterans looking to expand their knowledge. No matter if you are a recreational cannabis enthusiast or a medical patient, we offer a tailored, personalized experience with each visit for all of our clients.

Our Specials & Events at Strains

Part of creating a unique and professional-level cannabis experience includes doing more for our clients than they can get elsewhere. We invite you to take advantage of our current specials and weekly special events to add value to your cannabis experience including free tacos every Tuesday and Friday between 5-9 pm and Thursday select promotional events from 5-7 pm.


As a leading Southern California dispensary committed to cannabis service excellence, we naturally hold an impressive selection of the highest quality cannabis products in inventory featuring all of the crowd favorites and then some including flower, edibles, concentrates, and topical categories.





Our Exclusively Grown Flower

Although we like to believe that our clients from Murrieta, CA choose us because we have budtenders that are knowledgeable, friendly, and with attractive smiles, we need to be honest about their tendency to select our exclusive strains grown in-house flower that is not only award-winning and state-compliant but chemical-free for enhanced peace of mind about what enters your body. 

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Order Online in Murrieta, CA for Pickup in Perris, CA

We have many loyal customers from Murrieta, CA that choose to drive past the nearest dispensary on their way to Perris, CA to get the best from us at Strains. They commonly order what they need online, make the 20-minute drive to see us in Perris, CA, and make the pickup quickly and conveniently.

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