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Moreno Valley, CA Dispensary

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Cannabis Products for Sale near Moreno Valley, CA

At Strains Dispensary, we provide many Moreno Valley medical patients and recreational buyers with quality marijuana products. Although we are located in a highly competitive market, we have taken significant strides to secure some distinct advantages! We put the customers first, we carry a variety of high-quality products, we host special in-store events and other value-added freebies! Our loyal customers will tell you why they keep returning, see for yourself below.

When you want to get a quality cannabis product from a dispensary that genuinely cares, come to Strains- we are located just 8 miles the Moreno Valley city center.

One-on-one Customer Service Orientation

The mission at Strains Dispensary is to provide medical and recreational marijuana consumers with quality products in a friendly environment. 

When we say “friendly environment”, we are often referring to a one-on-one experience. We want all of our customers to receive the knowledge they are seeking. Buying cannabis can be an overwhelming experience sometimes. There are thousands, if not millions of products and many scientific terms you may not have heard of. Not to mention the California laws you should know

We believe buying cannabis should be just as enjoyable to buy as it is to consume. That is why when you arrive from Moreno Valley to our dispensary in Perris, you are sure to meet someone that can help you. We can almost guarantee that you will get the attention of an expert budtender who will help guide you through your shopping process. These experts will be able to answer all of your questions.

And before you do stop by, we recommend checking out our FAQs page, you may get a few of those questions answered!


Our Award-Winning Strains

When it comes to quality, we provide the best marijuana that the market offers. We carry an impressive selection of brands and products perfect to meet the needs of recreational clients and medical patients alike. We grow our own award-winning, state-compliant, and chemical-free cannabis! Many of our customers deem it to be their all-time favorite.


We Sponsor Free & Fun In-Store Events!

We hold regular specials, patient appreciation days, and weekly in-store events. As you might imagine, a real crowd favorite is FREE tacos Tuesday and Friday from 5-9 pm. We also sponsor a variety of in-store promotional events every week. Check out our full lineup of specials and events on our specials page.

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