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Kingpen Cartridges for Sale

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Kingpen Cartridges for Sale

We understand the current trends taking the cannabis industry by storm at Strains Dispensary Perris and we have taken notice of the explosion of interest for cannabis oil vaporizer cartridges. As a leading Southern California dispensary, we naturally respond to shifting demand with products ready to meet that need among our clients. For our vaporizer-preferring clientele, we have Kingpen cartridges for sale at our dispensary in Perris, CA. These vape carts are of the highest quality with oil extracted from Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid flower varieties in wildly popular flavors that keep our customers coming back for more.

Overview of Cannabis Oil Vaporizer Cartridges

Kingpen cartridges are small glass containers pre-filled with the highest quality cannabis oil extracted from the highest quality flower. The oil flows down to a battery-heated element that vaporizes the oil at a lower temperature than what is required to combust plant material. This creates a pleasant and smooth consumption experience that has turned out to be extremely popular among our clients.

  • Kingpen Sativa Cartridges – Kingpen makes two Sativa cartridges in Cali-O that is a sweet orange flavor, offering a tropical experience; and a blue dream strain variety that delivers a berry taste that is sweet with a blueberry flavor.
  • Kingpen Hybrid Cartridge – If you are looking for a hybrid cannabis vape oil cartridge, look no further than the Kingpen Gelato cartridge that offers a herbal yet sweet blueberry flavor.
  • Kingpen Indica Cartridges – Kingpen makes two Indica varieties increasingly popular among our clients. If you seek an Indica cannabis oil cartridge, Kingpen will knock your socks off with the Cuvee Cookies strain that delivers a unique flavor blend of floral cherry and milk chocolate. Beyond the taste, this cart packs a real punch. We also carry Cannalope Kush with a taste described as cantaloupe melon with lemongrass.

Dosing Benefits of Vapes


Dosing is a concern as the right dose delivers the right result. Vaporizer cartridges allow for precise dose titration as the consumer can inhale as much as they like with each in-breath, offering the effect sought.

Why Choose A Kingpen Oil Vaporizer Cartridge?

Vaporizer cartridges are one of the fastest-growing cannabis product categories for good reasons. They offer an easy to use, discrete, functional, and portable cannabis experience that is easy on the lungs compared to inhaling combusted flower. Beyond those attractive features, we know that Kingpen cartridges are of the highest quality and come in a wide selection of flavors and strains perfect for meeting individual preferences.

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