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How to Use a Buddies Toro E-Rig Vaporizer

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How to Use a Buddies Toro E-Rig Vaporizer

The Buddies Toro E-Rig Vaporizer is the perfect way to take your dab rig on the go. Its portable size and electric heating method makes it easy to use discreetly wherever you are. If you’re interested in learning more about how to use and maintain your Buddies Toro E-Rig Vaporizer, Strains Dispensary is here to show you.

Buddies Toro E-Rig Vaporizer

How to use a Buddies Toro E-Rig Vaporizer

  • Charge the device using the provided usb-c cable till the light blinks white then stops blinking all together.
  • Fill the percolator with only a tiny bit of water to the red fill line (we like to fill just a tiny tiny bit over).
  • Insert the percolator into the Buddies toro device with the red fill line indicator facing towards the middle of the unit.
  • Remove the carb cap and fill the ceramic atomizer with enough concentrate for 1 personal use.
  • Turn on the device by pressing the main button 3 times quickly.
  • You can cycle through the temperature setting by double pressing the main button twice, we recommend going to the warmest setting in most cases on this particular device.
  • Once you have selected the temperature setting, tap the main button once to start the pre-heating of the ceramic atomizer. Once it has fully heated up you can begin inhaling through the percolator, or possibly even before it finishes. We sometimes found it necessary to put it through 2 pre-heating sessions per usage session.


  • To clean the atomizer, it must be partially warm so the contents inside are liquid. Use the provided q-tips to remove the excess liquid for the inside of the atomizer.
  • To clean the rest of the device, wait till the device is fully cooled down and use the provided alcohol pads.
  • To clean the inside of the percolator use hot water or rubbing alcohol. We sometimes found it necessary to use rubbing alcohol and salt combined to really clean up the device.

Shop the Buddies Toro E-Rig Vaporizer at Strains Dispensary Serving Perris

Whether you’re shopping for a Buddies E-Rig Vaporizer, cannabis infused topicals, edibles, flower, or any accessories we encourage all of our medical patients and recreational consumers to visit Strains Dispensary. Feel free to contact us today or visit our location in SoCal with any questions or for more information about our products.

Our knowledgeable staff of budtenders serving the Perris, Moreno Valley, Riverside, Hemet, and Temecula areas are more than happy to assist you. Be sure to check out our FAQs and brush up on California Cannabis Laws to prepare for your next visit. 

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