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Learn How Long a Weed High Lasts With Strains Dispensary

It’s safe to say that the high you experience from smoking weed typically lasts in the vicinity of 1-4 hours. That being said–a cautious and curious approach to consuming THC products is probably the best way to enjoy it. Through curiosity and caution, you’ll find that cannabis isn’t a plant that produces a uniform response in all people. Weed is highly personal, interacting with different body chemistries in different ways. Keep reading to learn more about how and why weed highs can vary drastically from individual to individual.

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Main Factors in Predicting The Length and Intensity of a Weed High

When you’re trying to gauge how long your high might last, keep in mind the following parameters that can dictate how you respond to any given THC product:
  • The variant of weed that you’re smoking (sative, indica, or hybrid–some affect you more or less so)
  • Your biochemistry (metabolic rate, general THC tolerance, weight, etc..)
  • The medium of THC you’re consuming (flower, hash, dab, vape, cannabis drinks, edibles, etc..)
  • Whether you’re mixing substances (alcohol, prescription medication, hallucinogens, etc.*)
As a general rule of thumb, THC edibles normally take longer to kick in and have a more potent high than smoking. Dabs also tend to have a more powerful effect. Additionally, people with lower body weights and less tolerance tend to feel more of a high and for longer. Still, it’s important to remember that some of these general rules won’t apply to everyone. It’s just as normal for these generalizations to be true for you and later to see the opposite manifest in someone else. The takeaway? Experiment safely and at your own pace with us. Learn how your body reacts to certain strains and mediums, noting the patterns and reactions that you might have.
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Explore THC Products Near Hemet For Top Quality Weed

Our easy-to-reach dispensary near Hemet has a wide variety of products that cater to your unique biochemistry and personality! We also offer regular weed specials for an array of products. Contact us to experiment, relax, and have fun with THC!

*Strains never recommends mixing substances while consuming our products at any time. Speak with your healthcare professional before conysming our products, especially if you take other medications or use other substances.

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