What are Cannabis Drinks?

cannabis drink in a mug

What Are Cannabis Drinks From a Cannabis Drinks Dispensary?

Generally, they’re exactly what they sound like: beverages infused with THC. However, some do consider CBD-infused drinks to fall under the cannabis drink category. Technically speaking this is incorrect. Only beverages that contain cannabis’ active ingredient, THC, qualify as cannabis drinks. CBD drinks may prove calming and delicious to many consumers, but they have no psychoactive effect and do not appear on THC drug screenings. On the other hand, THC-infused cannabis drinks do show up on a drug test and will produce a high. Keep reading to learn how cannabis drinks are made and how they compare to alcohol. 

How Are Cannabis-Infused Drinks Made?

Cannabis infusion is a science. By adding liquid carbon dioxide to an unprocessed cannabis material while it’s under intense heat and pressure, THC nanoparticles eventually fuse with the liquid base being used. In this case, the liquid base is a tasty Strains Dispensary beverage. 

How Long Do Cannabis Drinks Take to Kick in?

When dosed at around 10 milligrams (mg) of THC per serving, typical cannabis drink effects commence noticeable side effects within 10-20 minutes. Full-serving effects can take up to one hour to notice. No matter how much cannabis you’re consuming in a concentrated time, it’s important to take your dosages slowly and with caution.

How Do Cannabis Drinks Compare to Alcoholic Beverages?

Utilize this simple chart below to understand how cannabis drink dosages compare to alcoholic drinks regarding strength. 

THC Vs. Alcohol Comparative Dosage Chart

THC Dosage

Alcoholic Dosage/Approximate Equivalent

2-5mg THC beverage 

3%-5% alcoholic beverage

Ex: Heineken Light

5-10mg THC beverage

6%-8% alcoholic beverage

Ex: Strong IPA

25mg THC beverage 

Approximately one bottle of wine

100mg THC 

Approximately one bottle of 80-proof vodka

cannabis drink in a mug

Browse Strains Dispensary Cannabis Drink Selection Near Hemet

We love to recommend our delicious THC-infused drinks here at Strains Dispensary. They’re an excellent option for cannabis consumers who struggle to process or enjoy alcohol. Our budtenders wholly respect all of Hemet’s hardworking bartenders, but we know we can recommend amazing THC alternatives to alcoholic drinks. Contact us today to taste THC in new and rewarding ways!

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Best Cannabis Edibles to Make at Home

cannabis chocolate chip cookie

Best Cannabis Edibles to Make at Home

If you have just gotten some canna-butter or cooking oil, or if you have made your own, you are probably looking for something to make! Edibles are great for relaxation, pain relief, euphoria, increasing appetite, depression, anxiety, and more

Note of caution from the knowledgeable budtenders at Strains Dispensary of Perris: take it easy with high-THC edibles and apply conservative dosing when using for the first time. Shake, such as from High Supply, is often used as an ingredient for cooking and making edibles. You can also check out CHILL Chocolate and Dixie Brand products for delicious edible treats.

Cannabis Food and Drink Guide

Stains Dispensary Perris Cannabis Food & Drink Guide

Cannabis products found commonly at Strains Dispensary Perris come in a variety of consumables featuring both food and drink. We invite you to take the average cannabis smoking experience to the next level of consumption quality and therapeutic value by considering how cannabis foods and drinks might improve or better serve your current cannabis consumption method. 

Cannabis Food and Drink = Edibles

Edibles are all cannabis-infused products taken orally including foods and drinks of all kinds and flavors. No matter if you’re eating a cannabis-infused cookie or drink, they all qualify as edibles. We carry an impressive selection of cannabis edibles, such as CHILL Chocolate and Emerald Sky,  in a selection of foods and drinks perfect for meeting individual tastes.    

Cannabis-Infused Butter 

Cannabis oil is lipid-soluble and requires a carrying oil to bind to when making foods. Most cannabis foods and drinks are made with a special butter that has been infused by cannabis oil containing all of the cannabinoids extracted from the flower. When making cookie edibles, infused butter is used in lieu of traditional butter so that the resulting cookies contain the cannabinoids needed. 


Candy is preferred among those seeking a delivery system for quick, tasty, and effective dosing. No matter if you prefer chocolate or gummies, we have a large selection of chocolate candy and gummies infused with cannabis perfect for you! 


Cannabis-infused beverages offer convenient precision dosing and a selection of flavors taking the scene by storm meeting individual drink preferences including root-beer flavored soda, fruit punch elixir, or wildberry guava quencher.  Dixie Brand offers delicious and natural THC elixirs.


Baked Goods (Cookies & Brownies) 

Cannabis consumers often introduce baked goods into their wellbeing regimen because who doesn’t like a good cookie or brownie infused with their favorite cannabinoid? Baked goods offer the benefits of pleasurable consumption with an oral delivery system that escapes the negatives of smoking. 

Gluten & Dairy Restricted Food 

Those with gluten and dairy restrictions can find it difficult to secure their cannabis foods and drinks due to dietary requirements. The cannabis industry has been pretty good at introducing gluten and dairy-free products to meet the needs of such patients and we carry several at our dispensary in Perris. 


We Welcome You Into Strains Dispensary of Perris

If you know that a particular cannabis product is best for you, we invite you to consider our full menu of cannabis products featuring all of the common forms, concentrations, and routes of administration. Our customers can rest assured that if they need flowers or another cannabis product, we have the cannabinoid medicine needed in the form desired and in the most-effective concentration that gets the job done.