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Safety Tips For Weed Consumption

Whether you smoke for recreational or medicinal purposes, following safety precautions will ensure a successful experience. At Strains Dispensary we are pleased to provide you with quality cannabis and gear so that you can enjoy your smoke session.

Smoking Tips for Safe Marijuana Consumption

Select High-Quality Flower

Choosing high-quality marijuana will elevate your smoking experience. Properly regulated buf has been certified and correctly cured making it the best choice for smokers. With the right bud, smoking is less harsh on your throat and lungs, allowing you to experience the benefits of smoking with minimal to no negative effects. 

Use Proper Equipment

In order to avoid harmful toxins while smoking, you will need to use regulated materials. Whether you prefer to roll a blunt or smoke from a bong you should first be sure that they are up to par. Blunts and joints should only be rolled with FDA approved papers to ensure they are safe for consumption. If you prefer to smoke from a pipe or blunt be sure that your rig is glass. Glass will not release harmful chemicals when heated ensuring your weed remains pure. Although not necessary, adding a filter will help cleanse your smoke taking safety to the next level/.

Properly Pack

Your weed should be ground and not packed too tightly for an even burn. Not only will this help you make the most of your weed, but it will ensure you get proper airflow and clean smoke. 

Be Mindful When Inhaling

Controlled inhalations will help you avoid coughing and stress on your lungs or throat. When smoking, it is important to listen to your body to know when to stop. Unpleasant physical feelings or extreme side effects mean you should stop immediately. 

lit blunt with smoke in the background
Pre-roll joint package

Visit Strains Dispensary in Perris

We invite you to stop into Strains Dispensary to find your cannabis or smoking equipment today! Our team of experts will gladly guide you through best practices and the right products for your needs to ensure an enjoyable experience. We are conveniently located to serve the Perris, Moreno Valley, Riverside, Hemet, and Temecula communities so stop in or contact us online with any questions.

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