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Beginners Guide to Shopping at a Dispensary

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Beginners Guide to Shopping at a Dispensary

If you’re ready to enter the world of cannabis you’re in the right place because Strains Dispensary is here with a simple beginners guide to shopping at a dispensary. 

Cannabis leaf

Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid

The first thing you’ll need to know is the difference between each strain of cannabis. Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains all produce different effects depending on the terpene and cannabinoid content. 

  • Indica- Indica strains tend to produce relaxing, body-specific effects. If your goal is to get better sleep or to calm anxiety an Indica strain is the way to go. 
  • Sativa- Known to produce more energizing effects, sativa strains are great for focusing or tapping into your creative side. 
  • Hybrid- A hybrid strain is a cross between an indica and a sativa in order to produce a combination of effects. It’s important to pay attention to the THC and CBD levels in hybrid strains so you know whether the sativa or indica strain is more dominant.

What Gear do I Need to Use Cannabis? 

There are so many forms of cannabis, for example there’s flower, vapes, edibles, pre rolls, topicals, and so much more. What you need to actually use cannabis will be dependent on what form you decide to buy. The following are a few suggestions of what you might need to get set up using cannabis: 

  • Rolling papers/pipes- used to smoke dried flower
  • Grinders- if you plan to smoke dried flower you’ll need a grinder to prepare it for consumption 
  • Vaporizers- used to heat up plant materials, vaporize the oils, and release a vapor instead of smoke
  • Dab Pens- work like vapes but are used with concentrated dabs and wax 
  • Bongs- used to smoke dried flower, by filtering the smoke through water 

Don’t be Afraid to Ask For Help

When in doubt you can always ask the trusted Budtenders here at Strains Dispensary for help. 

The best way to narrow down your options is to let a Budtender know what you’re trying to achieve when consuming cannabis. That way an accurate recommendation can be given to you whether you want it for sleep, focus, or, just relaxing and chilling out. Cannabis affects everyone in a unique way so trying different things is the best way to find exactly what you like.

Start Your Cannabis Journey at Strains Dispensary Serving Perris

Whether you’re shopping for cannabis infused topicals, edibles, flower, or any accessories we’ve got something for everyone. No matter if you’re a first time user, a medical patient, or a recreational consumer we have top quality products and information for all at Strains Dispensary. Feel free to contact us today or visit our location in SoCal with any questions or for more information about our products.

Our knowledgeable staff of budtenders serving the Perris, Moreno Valley, Riverside, Hemet, and Temecula areas are more than happy to assist you. Be sure to check out our FAQs and brush up on California Cannabis Laws to prepare for your visit. 

STIIIZY Cultivation Process

Grown indoors, our cultivators grow potent, high yielding cannabis suitable for flower consumption or high yield oils. STIIIZY cultivates, hand-selects and names all of our own strains in house.

Grown indoors, our cultivators grow potent, high yielding cannabis suitable for flower consumption or high yield oils. STIIIZY cultivates, hand-selects and names all of our own strains in house.

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